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  1. this should give you a start.... http://mr-protocol.blogspot.se/2013/12/wifi-pineapple-mark-iv-clean-flash-uart.html download stock or openwrt firmware from here... https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/alfanetwork/alfanetwork_hornetub
  2. thx mate, i really thought this was bricked. i had some plans to open it up to check what kind of chip it was but didnt come so long.. well, now i got access, gonna upgrade on the go
  3. just found it, flashing it... newest firmware is 2.4 or is still beta 3.0 good to go?
  4. ok, little bit buggy, sometimes it finds recovery mode sometimes not. however, cant find factory bin file, tried use a upgrade bin but didnt work... maybe try rename it?
  5. nope, still asking me for password via gui. I guess this one is bricked :/
  6. tried it again but via uart but it still asking me for login/password, gotta check if something new happen if i connect via web gui but i dont think so :/
  7. ok, now i feel kinda stupid now. Gonna check where my uart connector is tomorrow. Thanks mate
  8. hello! updated my mark 5 to firmware 3.0 for 2years ago and forgot where i put it and now when i found it i forgot the password I tried dip-swiches reset but seems not to work and tried to ssh into it but mark5 is asking me for root password. Suggestions? thanks for reply
  9. module.php, line 200 exec("find /pineapple/modules/ -type f -name \"*.**cap\" 2>&1", $filesArray); however, seems it dont like symbolic links so if you are lazy as me, just add this below... exec("find /sd/modules/SiteSurvey/capture/ -type f -name \"*.**cap\" 2>&1", $filesArray);
  10. sorry to hear about that, for me it still feels like your mkv isnt configure right for the network, does the mkv found the wan ip? try run traceroute wifipineapple.com and see were it fails. ....and dont make dubblepost, thats just.. wrong.
  11. ok, for me, running 3.0 beta on mkv its ok. I read for some hours ago they had some issues with their dns, its possible you cant access for the moment due to this issue and for the moment i dont know where mkv is downloading its plugins but if its offline, thats explains alot...
  12. ok, i saw the beta 3.0, installed it, downloaded "site survey" module and made capture/deauth against my test rig... downloading the .cap file and use crunch with aircrack, after 6min it was successfull...everything worked fine, im happy however tried to submit my .cap to file to onlinehashcrack.com but they didnt like it now i was supposed to go on next try out with "wps" module, however. the hole thing went fucked up i guess... It was like the hole web-gui stopped working, in one moment all the modules disapear and another time they were not clickable, sometimes after removal they are
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