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  1. Aaaand back in the game.

  2. OK.. Managed to get the upgrade.bin onto the device using WinSCP and several reboots. SSH thru putty and into tmp folder, sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade.bin. It works. Now to re-do the USB Cruzer Fit. Re-done as per Pineapple brochure. After: Still giving grief, but I now think I know why. When I originally loaded all the software modules onto the Cruzer Fit, I had the Pineapple coupled up to the supplied PSU. Later that afternoon I swapped over to the USB power lead on my netbook so I could move around. After several hours of messing around here with weird results, in desperation and curiosity I swapped back onto the PSU. Everything seems nominal now! Conclusion: My USB on Asus Eee netbook not powerful enough to support the Cruzer + Pineapple / unstable supply? Whatever it was, it nearly bricked my Pineapple.
  3. No. Can't get that far. If I can discover what wont break the pineapple if i delete it, I can make room on the pineapple for the upgrade to reflash using SSH. Doing it that way was a breeze. The UI didnt work for me at all. On Firefox using XP Note: everything worked fine until I stuffed it with all the modules. :) EDIT: This gets weirder... I managed to use WinSCP to remove a 7 Mb upgrade.bin. You'd think that would allow some stuff to start working, but it still says no space left on device. I'm completely baffled where to go next other than serial leading it. I really didn't wanna go there just yet :(
  4. In startup script page I have also /usb/modules/logcheck/logcheck.sh as well as /usb/modules/urlsnarf/autostart.sh last install I did was from SSH after putting the file in /tmp directory. Couldn't get it to install from UI, it just hung constantly. Also, no warning from UI, it just looks as if its gone off doing something but nothing happens to pineapple. And yes, everything stopped except for Autostart which wont disable. It just reactivates Karma when I click it.
  5. Sounds like a plan, but I can't get the update file on there. (full). If i could, i could manually install from ssh. Any tips on what I can delete safely i.e. tmp files that wont bork the reinstall?
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. No, I followed the info in the user manual which missed out the fstab anon_swap 1 option...config swap was already enabled. I tried the link you showed but same result. Executing free reveals: Mem: 29480 26096 3384 0 3424 -/+ buffers: 22672 6808 swap 0 0 0 On bootup the pineapple blue USB LED doesnt light. When booted, if I reinstall it, light comes on. However it no longer stays lit (around 5-10 mins) although the other light remains flashing on the USB memory stick. Problem now is when I update fstab ... function.fopen fails to open stream: no space left on device. I don't know whats safe to remove manually without breaking any links etc. Would it be safe to just delete everything in the tmp directory and free up some space? A related issue/bug is when I try to uninstall infusions/modules it says they are removed but a refresh shows they are not. But I digress. The main issue is a choc-stuffed device. Another problem I've noticed is on status page, autostart is enabled and i cannot get it to disable, it just activates Karma instead. That may be a symptom due to the device having no space though.
  7. Few thoughts: Any LED activity during bootup- if so, what happening? What were you doing prior to it stopping working? Can you SSH into it? You using PoE LAN not WAN? Do you have wifi access? Tried alternative Ethernet cable? If all else fails a re-flash mebbe (but take that under expert guidance from forum, not mine!) Just trying to be helpful.
  8. Hi, Well I managed to break my Pineapple already after several days of ownership. After adding a USB memory chip (8Gb) and swap file, and upgrading to 2.6.1 Firmware, (everything working fine up till this point) I decided to add all the modules and switch everything on, thinking it would dump everything to the memory stick. Instead what I get is web browser access to all the basic functions, but when clicking on the modules I get a php redirect looping rapidly. Further investigation with Status - Generate Detailed Report reveals: No space left on device. To make matters worse I cannot remove the modules from the uninstall screen. What went wrong - apart from me stuffing it full of modules? Don't they all get put on the memory device? I'd appreciate some help please. You build it, I'll find a way to break it
  9. Hi, May be a no-brainer to most but for the more nooby or less-RFI-aware among us: My pineapple mk4 was randomly connecting and disconnecting via eth0. It took a little tracking down but eventually I found out the cause was external electromagnetic interference from my other laptop. I replaced the stock spool-type cable with a shielded one and now its rock solid. Just be aware of this in areas with lots of cabling, radios or computers. These leads act like antennas for frequencies you dont necessarily want to recieve, reducing signal to noise ratio. Someone may want to come up with some homebrew retrofit shielding or screening hacks for the hardware mebbe?
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