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  1. I understand you very well digip. All service providers are same (not only internet but others too). Since 99% of their customers are standard home users they discard high end users. On the other hand, 99% of users are usually consult to high end users before they chose their providers. Right? ISPs are even unable to think this.
  2. and, that affects the customer setisfaction in a negative way.
  3. I will never buy a Cisco/Linksys product again. The make me sick. Few weeks ago, I used the Live chat of cisco. They make me sick all the time. The cisco engineer (?) even don't know what is WAN. What he understood when I say WAN was wireless. I spent like an hour to teach him what WAN is. He understood it when I say "Its the yellow port on the back off my router which is labled as Internet" I flash my router with dd-wrt last night as Mr-Protocol said and now I begin to configure it. Cisco is a pain. BTW: I found web interfaces of all Linksys products on the web. CJust check that out if you need. http://ui.linksys.com/files/
  4. dd-wrt does not have some features such as CTF. I saw several test on the netwhich result wit lof throughput with dd-wrt when compared to the original ROM. That is the main reason of wht I am not using it. but do I need that much throughput? I am not sure. I still can't decide it. PS: Luckly mine (e4200 v1) does not have cloud thnig. It does not support it
  5. The pages on the link http://www.codemonke...log/?page_id=23 is not available for the new linksys routers
  6. I am not sure. Basically these pages do not have any link on the main administration menu. Yet, new Linksys routers do not come with telnet console enabled. So, I don't have the Telnet option. Actually, what I am trying to do by finding these hidden pages (pages that do not have links on the admin web console) is to enable telnet console to use all features of this router.
  7. I've just found a hidden menu on my Linksys/Cisco E4200 router and made a search on google to find out if there are any other. So far I found the followings. Now I am trying to find others if exists any. The question is how? I have some skills but I am not a hacker. What I will try is to implement basic code to try all possibilities (kind of brute force). However, I wonder if there is any other easy way to do it? Do you guys have any idea?
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