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  1. @2sec4u - this affect yours?? https://t.co/rQWgNhdL6H

  2. @MalwareTechBlog it goes with Tequila. Everything goes with Tequila...

  3. RT @GSElevator: https://t.co/YLK87AcbiX

  4. @Dominos_UK we tried. So you either refund OR redeliver? Terrible service. Wouldn't pay for it in a restaurant, won't use you again. #endof

  5. "If I hide from the day, maybe it'll go away, he thought"...

  6. RT @laginimaineb: New blog post: https://t.co/Ni9RdLWwIp Extracting Qualcomm's KeyMaster Keys - Breaking Android Full Disk Encryption! http…

  7. RT @m0rb: "Adobe Flash contains an unspecified vulnerability that is currently being exploited in the wild." in other news, water is wet.

  8. RT @Cyberchallenge: Just 2 days left to sign up & represent the UK in the European #cybersecurity competition. What are you waiting for? ht…

  9. RT @gentilkiwi: Just a quick reminder on "easy ways" to have cleartext passwords in memory with Windows 10. https://t.co/xu1f8YrdCl https:/…

  10. RT @BobMcCouch: How to drive a network geek crazy: http://t.co/WjA0R9Saao

  11. RT @OlofsonArcade: My whole career is based on skills I've acquired by not doing what I was supposed to be doing.

  12. Aside from riding my bike to work, today has been pretty much pointless. Back to scouring job sites then...

  13. RT @PatisserieCyc: Massive long shot-anyone got a 08 campag centaur rear 32 hole silver hub in excellent condition??

  14. I remember him bringing the cup to our side of the ground in Istanbul 2005 #thankscarra

  15. There aren't enough hours in a day to look after my family, be a geek and ride my bike. However, it is a beautiful day and I will do my best

  16. RT @44CON: Pls RT: #44Con first round speakers announced at http://t.co/K4YIEQXkkK

  17. (2/2...) data protection breeches. Do I keep quiet, present them at interview as evidence of ability, or disclose anonymously??

  18. Anybody out there able to share pricing info on BT LES/EAD circuits? Trying to cost some up, but can't find accurate info...

  19. Sitting at Poundsgate, awaiting the arrival of the first Moor2Sea riders. Sun is just breaking through the fog :-)

  20. After an afternoon scanning networks, I can't begin to imagine why people would WANT a career in IT security! #notlikethemovies

  21. OK, that's good to know, thanks. Also just thought that I've got the loft (roof void) available to me too so long as things aren't too noisy. So long as I keep things relatively tidy I should be good to go then. Do you just rely on wake-on-lan for powering kit on, or do you have some kind of alternative method? I was thinking that WoL would be fine for the server(s), but the Cisco & Checkpoint kit that I'm planning on adding later will probably not support it.
  22. As I get more involved with my testing, the more I want to build a proper, dedicated test lab at home to play with. Nothing too much, maybe a couple of servers and some network kit. Looking around, I can get 2nd-hand rack-mountable servers relatively cheaply... However, my question isn't about how to set it up, or what to install, but rather: Where can I keep it without making my family want to kill me? The only space that I could really use is the garage - the servers would be just too noisy (not to mention blowing hot air) - and putting them under the stairs would just cause Mrs FM and Bambino FM to disown me and kick me out the family home! I have nothing against using the garage (in principle), but I'm worried about dust (in general), temperature and moisture (condensing tumble dryer in there) killing the kit. Figure I can give the place a thorough clean, paint the floor, seal any small holes easily enough, but I'd prefer beyond the initial outlay on equipment, to keep this as low-cost as possible. Has anybody got any useful tips on: Protecting delicate equipment in potential hostile environments? Server hardware that is perhaps nice & cool/quiet, without breaking the bank (bearing in mind that I can get hold of a dual-xeon HP Proliant DL360 with 6Gb RAM for around £90)? Social engineering techniques to convince the family that a comms rack in the spare room is a brilliant idea? Thanks in advance!
  23. Nope. I bought a bare board before I got my first Alfa. Took me flippin' ages to get the connection working to flash it, but there was plenty of time on the menu once I did. What's your setup like?
  24. I'm having a bit of a nightmare here, and I'm hoping that someone can help me out. What I'm *trying* to do is configure a TP Link WR703N to act as a wireless bridge for my pineapple thus: Internet <====> Wireless AP <====> WR703N <====> Pineapple I'm configuring the 703N as a minipwner, only I'm not completing the build, just building it up to the point that I have connectivity through to my wireless AP. At this point I have something along these lines: Laptop eth0 on, connected to: WR703N eth0/br-lan on, bridging to: WR703N wlan0 on, connected to Wireless AP on With it setup like that, bridging works fine, and I can connect to the internet from my laptop, via the WR703N (and wireless is disabled, so it definitely IS going that way!), with no issues. If I change the IP address on the WR703N to, and the IP on my laptop to mimic the pineapple as, then I can no longer bridge through the device. The only thing that has changed is the IP. If I try and ping from the laptop, it can't resolve DNS names, and times out trying to reach IP addresses. I've cleared ARP caches, and compared /etc/config/network ../system and ../wireless files a dozen times over, but nothing is different save the IP addresses. Has anyone done something similar and experienced/resolved the issue? Thanks
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