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  1. @2sec4u - this affect yours?? https://t.co/rQWgNhdL6H

  2. @MalwareTechBlog it goes with Tequila. Everything goes with Tequila...

  3. RT @GSElevator: https://t.co/YLK87AcbiX

  4. @Dominos_UK we tried. So you either refund OR redeliver? Terrible service. Wouldn't pay for it in a restaurant, won't use you again. #endof

  5. "If I hide from the day, maybe it'll go away, he thought"...

  6. RT @laginimaineb: New blog post: https://t.co/Ni9RdLWwIp Extracting Qualcomm's KeyMaster Keys - Breaking Android Full Disk Encryption! http…

  7. RT @m0rb: "Adobe Flash contains an unspecified vulnerability that is currently being exploited in the wild." in other news, water is wet.

  8. RT @Cyberchallenge: Just 2 days left to sign up & represent the UK in the European #cybersecurity competition. What are you waiting for? ht…

  9. RT @gentilkiwi: Just a quick reminder on "easy ways" to have cleartext passwords in memory with Windows 10. https://t.co/xu1f8YrdCl https:/…

  10. RT @BobMcCouch: How to drive a network geek crazy: http://t.co/WjA0R9Saao

  11. RT @OlofsonArcade: My whole career is based on skills I've acquired by not doing what I was supposed to be doing.

  12. Aside from riding my bike to work, today has been pretty much pointless. Back to scouring job sites then...

  13. RT @PatisserieCyc: Massive long shot-anyone got a 08 campag centaur rear 32 hole silver hub in excellent condition??

  14. I remember him bringing the cup to our side of the ground in Istanbul 2005 #thankscarra

  15. There aren't enough hours in a day to look after my family, be a geek and ride my bike. However, it is a beautiful day and I will do my best

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