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  1. nice script! Just reading through the source helped me a lot with a few commands ive been having trouble with. You know what would be awesome? If while running your script, you echo'd the actual commands you are passing. Just to further help bang those commands into my own memory :)
  2. I keep forgetting about it as well... i just been doing a lot of forum browsing and searching. Maybe it would be cool to have a sticky'd link in the jasager forum that goes to the wiki? :)
  3. I can comfirm that this works... kinda. My scenario I used the other day was this: Laptop (Win XP!), MKIV plugged into LAN port - neither laptop or pineapple had internet access. I created a share via Windows. While ssh'd into the pineapple, i mounted laptopIP/ShareName as a regular mounted folder on teh pineapple. Scanning the waves, I was able to successfully, and easily dump data to the share, which I could see and edit on my laptop... aka i was viewing live files on windows. So yes, you can dump over a share. As for speed, I was much too far from capacity to be able to stress test it, so YMMV
  4. Ok, so obviously I could figure this out on my own pretty easily, but I figured I could get the answer from somebody here just as easily. When it comes to the labels on my pineapple ("WAN/LAN" vs "PoE LAN"), which is eth0 and which is eth1? Has it changed between firmware revisions before?
  5. Hey guys, this looks like it will probably be an iptables question. How can I set up my pineapple to work if I want to put it inline between a home wifi router, and the cable modem it plugs into. Note that this is completely ignoring the wifi. Basically I just want to inspect the traffic going across the line. I'll do my own scripting with that later, Should I be plugging the modem into WAN, then the routers wan port into LAN on the pineapple? Or should I be plugging the routers wan port into the LAN port of the pineapple, then the cable mode into the WAN port? I've tried both, but neither will work out of the box, so now I'm guessing I will have to edit some iptables.... Which I have never done before.... So basically im just looking for advice here Thanks everyone :)
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