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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to make the walkthru. However, I already had my settings like that. I set the first adapter to bridge with wifi. Second adapter is bridged with thunderbolt ethernet. My results are as seen below, with no communication between the 172.16.x.x network and the vm. Any suggestions?
  2. Has there been any progress getting internet sharing to work with OSX and Pineapple using Fusion? I hate having to use a separate laptop just for the Pineapple. I've created the second adapter for the vm, set it to ethernet, etc...Fusion then assigns its own IP vice using the 172...... Any ideas?
  3. Hey All. I'm trying to get my pineapple set up. I am using a macbook pro. Internet sharing is turned on and et to share WiFi with ethernet. The ethernet interface is set to with no gateway/router just as printed in the book. I can connect to the pineapple perfectly fine but cant use the laptops internet connection. I cant ping out, reveal external ip, etc... I tried using Fusion and setting it up through Win7 and Backtrack and get the same result...no internet to the pineapple. Any ideas? Thinking it may be the load, I downloaded 2.5.0 (to my desktop) and successfully
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