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  1. Awesome! Updating both my devices now. Thanks Seb!
  2. Right now my targus laptop bag fits the bill as i can get the pineapple, battery, Alfa card and hub into one of the side pockets quite nicely, however i am looking to build a pelican 1040 case and mounting the pineapple pcb in the case somehow so i can leave room for the battery, USB hub and alfa card so i can have storage and a secondary adapter.
  3. Ahh there go. Didn't see the updates till i updated the route table.
  4. So Since moving the 2.6.4 firmware this module appears to be having some minor issues. When ever i attempt to open the module on the pineapple i get the attached screen and it doesn't want to completely load. Pretty sure its due to the path changing but i have no idea how to fix it. Any thoughts as this module is a quite handy?
  5. Hey Folks, So i got my replacement pineapple in the mail today and now everytime i attempt to update the software to either the 2.5.0 OTA upgrade or the dev release the device keeps telling me the md5Sum is incorrect despite copying the info directly via the websites.. I have attempted a factory reset and a reset via the reset button underneath. Any one experienced this or am I seeing something new.
  6. Ya, I've tried the 7 second hold with no luck. so it's bricked for the moment. Ive been in contact the hakshop and they said we can look at exchange this one so ya.
  7. I have attempted to reset several times waiting for 5 to 10 s, 10+ seconds with no luck. The pineapple doesnt appear to indicate that there is anything happening (no Led status changes) and the web ui remains locked and wont accept the default password. Looks like im stuck till either my UART USB adapater arrives or I can go the exchange route. . .
  8. Im in the same boat with 2.5.0 firmware. I am currently waiting on a UART adapter to try and reflash this. is the reset time roughly 5 to 10 seconds still on the 2.5.0 firmware?
  9. Hey Folks, Just ran into a large issue with my pineapple after updating to the 2.5.0 firmware. After changing the device admin password I've noticed some issues 1) Cannot SSh into the device as the device appear to run into an FOPEN issue with the known hosts file 2) Cannot access the web UI as the device now tells me the password is wrong. I have hit the reset button on the underside of the pineapple but this appears be of no help. Besides serial flashing the device (which requires a console board apparently), are there any other steps i can take to reset the device to out of the box config so i can get back my device?
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