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  1. Agree, those are what I have on my netbook EXCEPT I use windows home premium and dual boot Linux Ubuntu. Also make sure not to run too many programs at start up since they can drain your little netbook's battery pretty fast.
  2. lol, I am reading this from the op I thought hey this guy can use little direction then to "WTH! He wants someone to do it for him". Dude, all the things other users posted here is enough for you to do what you ask for. I think what you asking for is not a GUIDE but for someone here to do it for you. Google is your best friend and more things you try to do yourself the better you become.
  3. There are software that uses certain algorithms to wipe the files you deleted to make sure is untraceable. I don't use Mac but in windows there is this program called Eraser. You can also submerge your harddrive in hot salt water and heated with candle then use magnet(strong one like earth metal) that is if you don't want the hdd anymore.
  4. I am actually just started to learn c++ never too late to join me
  5. I usually get lower capacity drives for example two 500GB or four 500 GB, usually hate going for Tb since failure rate is higher-maybe just me. I usually convert an internal harddrive into an external ones.
  6. I wish some day I can do reverse engineering too...wanna give back to the torrent community :D
  7. Thanks for the reply, so far those are the answers I come across too. :D
  8. So I was talking with one of my friends the other day and this topic came up: what do people whom crack the software and then upload on torrent get for all their hard works? Or is there other purpose behind it. Beside torrent is both legal and illegal depend on the content. My question are: 1) what do people get for cracking the software? Did they do it for profit or just for the heck of it? 2) How to determine is a torrent is unsafe/safe? Thanks
  9. MrJuJube

    Diablo Iii

    I would wait till they(Blizzard) releases the patch 1.0.4 or later.
  10. Hungry...want some noodles!

  11. MrJuJube

    Diablo 3

    Game is boring once you in Inferno....farm farm farm.
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