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  1. il try a usb cable instead, I was wanting to make a modified usb cable which I could place inline to prevent backfeed on many mains powered usb hubs.
  2. Here is the butchered usb ext cable, lol http://www.flickr.com/photos/pizzafries/7924770488/in/photostream
  3. Findings from usb extension cable: no joy by snipping the black GND. The hub is mains powered on and the usb memory stick led is on. If I reconnect the black to black again and red to red the device led flashes and loads up ok... This is quite strange behaviour. How can I post a pic of my usb cable to share with you guys?
  4. Cheers Neworld, i've snipped red already and I get nothing no power as expected, and no data aswell... So snipping black now as its a spare ext lead!! will leave green and white alone. Will report back shortly... hopefully wont blow my pc, etc, house power :)
  5. So snipping 1. Red VCC +5v & 4. Black GND will prevent backfeed...?
  6. Im using the Logik L4THUB10 mains powered hub, it reportedly backfeeds. So I got hold of a spare usb extenstion cable and snipped away the red wire on the extension lead. Now when I use the modifed ext lead it gives no data no nothing :( green, white and black are all wired ok only red is snipped.
  7. np, I dont know the barrel width but this is the cable I believe you need, comes with all the connectors. http://www.bixmart.com/USB-Port-Power-Cable-with-3-Extra-Connector-Tips-_p_267.html Im using the Logik L4THUB10, it reportedly backfeeds.
  8. Second question: Any suggestions for a powered usb hub? Two ports would be enough to tether and have a usb for storage connected connected. Beware of backfeeding the pineapple with power from a usb hub. Many in the community use the Belkin F4U040V http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Belkin+-+4-Port+USB+2.0+Powered+Hub/2389094.p?id=1218324435232&skuId=2389094&st=belkin%204%20port%20usb&cp=1&lp=8 Theres a good resource that I used to learn more about powered usb hubs and other hardware http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals it does refer to Rasberry Pi but great starting point. T
  9. yeah, great specs and pricing is good, be interesting to see what the hak5 store will release
  10. Hello all, I understand hak5 store will be releasing a new battery pack with dual outputs very soon. Also as there are high costs associated with having to use ups instead of usps to ship out internationally until Jan 2013. Given the high shipping costs I've been looking locally at buying the anker astro3 10000mah to battery power following: -MkIV, -USB hub, -4gb usb, -3G dongle, -possibly a alfa awus036nhr in the future when or if openwrt will have supported drivers. Is there any feedback, caveats, downsides to the anker astro3 10000mah?? I've read it could fry the mkIV if I plug
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