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  1. I am using 2.5.0 but I do not see any available updates to this version. When I updated I started having a lot of issues.
  2. @neworld I did reboot, and make the adjustment to the USB fstab config, my redirect.php is configured correctly, remember I had this working before I setup the USB drive. @D4rkOperat0r I did follow the instructions from Daren at the link provided initially, but i think you are right in at my USB drive partitions are not being detected when using the hub I am using, when plugged directly into the pine it is detected displays swap settings etc. so I need a compatible hub, because the one I have when powered it will backfired power to the pine so can you guys recommend a hub to buy, I know they sale the one at hak5 for 5.99 but I would like to pick up one locally.
  3. @Neworld I did perform that step, but I really appreciate your suggestion. I think that possibly something may be wrong with the pineapple itself, I just picked it up from Defcon, I did upgrade to the latest firmware of 2.5.0, I also removed the facebook files that I had copied to the pines internal storage but still get storage full errors after installing modules to my usb stick, then if I try to remove a module it will not let me, it is also telling me that my 4GB usb stick is full and the files I transferred to the stick is no longer visable, but the shortcuts are present in the www folder.
  4. I am just getting started but running into a bit of a problem, I was able to get dns spoof working when verything was installed directly to the memory of the pineapple which I ran out of space, so I formatted and setup the usb drive and followed this video for setting up symbolic links to the www folder however the phish html sites are not populating the regular google and twitter pages appear when I am running the DNS Spoof. Please Help!!!
  5. I have formatted and setup my usb drive for use with the Mark IV, when i install modules to the USB storage and then attempt to run the module it displays a blank page with a link ending with redirect.php so none of the modules I have installed work. Please help!!! :)
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