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  1. Hi Does anyone know if the Sierra Wireless 320U USB dongle works with the Pineapple? This is the standard LTE module for the carrier Telstra in Australia. Cheers http://www.netgear.com.au/home/products/mobile-broadband/usb-modems/aircard_320U.aspx#
  2. Cheers Mr P. Thats what i assumed, but wanted to confirm. Am sold now, time to break out my CC
  3. Hi folks Could someone explain to me what uses having 2 wireless radios on the mark V could offer? Could it work so one is running Karma, acting as an AP, and the other is joined to a wireless network for internet access as a client. Then when people join the AP/Karma one, they can still get internet as it's passed through to the client/internet access one? Make sense?
  4. DOH! I lifted 1 of the back feet up, and didn't see a screw, so assumed it was just clipped into place, and never checked the front feet :) LMAO Cheers Peter
  5. Is there a trick to opening the Pineapple case? I wanted to have a look inside, and seem to be only able to prise open 1 side (antenna port) but it doesn't unclip from the USB port end?
  6. So it CAN support multiple USB devices at the same time?
  7. Hi folks If i wanted to use multiple USB devices on my pineapple, could i use a USB hub? For example, i want to have a 3G dongle attached, and also a USB stick for dumping data too.....if i connected them to the pineapple using a hub, would they both still work? Obviously it might need to be a powered hub for the devices? Or is the pineapple only limited to a single USB device attached at one time? Thanks
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