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  1. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me understand whats happening with my Mark V..... I started the firmware upgrade this morning to PineAP around 11:30AM, and its now 12:51PM and still updating.... On the device the Blue indicator led is flashing, the console says updating with pineapple spinning..... How long should the update take? What's the size of the firmware image? My internet connection is decent, 25MB down, 15MB up....pineapple is setup to communicate over wifi connected to my router no problem,internet access again not a problem when i started firmware update..... Also if it is hung, should I bounce the device, or leave it be? If the latter, how long until I should take action, and what action would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help, E:L
  2. Cool Mod.... Quick ? for you, you mentioned your using an additional external 'extended battery', which one is that??? I have a hpmini 110 and the battery life has always frustrated me, would love to know your setup for extra juice...
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