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  1. Thanks everyone! I've PMed the guy with the chips. Hopefully I'll be able to do some successful surface-level soldering! I'm so angry at myself. 8( Cheers, Jason
  2. <facepalm> I'm so embarrassed. Just checked the voltage on the PoE Adaptor. It's 48v. I should have checked first but this dopey bugger assumed everything was 12v. Now my stupidity has left me without my Pineapple. 8( I'm absolutely not blaming anyone else, but I wish there were some kind of over-voltage protection. Guess I need to start saving for the replacement. Cheers, Jason
  3. Very disappointed to report my brand new Mk IV just released its magic smoke and is dead. I used a PoE Adaptor (working fine on my Cisco 7940) into the PoE port and within seconds there was a "crack" and a puff of smoke. It had previpusly been working perfectly via the power connector. I opened the box hoping it was a simple diode or cap - but unfortunately it destroyed a small IC. So it's now in the bin. 8-( Super-disappointed as I didn't do anything cowboyish. Please be very careful if you're looking to use PoE. If you're like me, you can't afford to just go and buy another one. 8( Cheers, Jason
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