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  1. Many thanks for the prompt reply.
  2. I've seen a few posts on this but can't find a definitve answer, I use an external wifi card on the Nano to create my AP and everything works fine. I understand not being able to use wlan1 as an AP if using Pine but why is it not possible to use wlan0 as the AP and wlan1 for Pine. Clearly I don't understand what wlan0 is used for, can someone enlighten me or refer me to the relevant info. Thanks
  3. Also do not use excessive cable length or thin wiring to connect equipment, all this will do is add to the voltage drops between the battery and equipment.
  4. The measured DC voltage of the battery doesn't tell the whole story. What happens when a battery voltage falls is the 'internal resistance' to give it's proper name increases. This means that sudden increases in current drain eg something switching will produce a brief drop in voltage, an inverted spike, which may drop to almost zero, this results in brief erroneous outputs so explaining brief garbled readings. Note in any power supply there are always filter capacitors across the output to reduce this effect. Nothing is going to improve a battery too low to function correctly but putting a capacitor of typically 100uF to 470uF across the battery terminals will reduce the effect of glitches/transients happening when the current drain fluctuates. There should also be another capacitor across this (in parallel) of around 100 to 220nf. This may seem pointless as it doesn't affect the total value of capacitance but small caps have a very low inductance so will bypass fast transient current demands far better than the large 100-470uF. So it is not the actual DC current drain causing the erroneous outputs but the battery fluctuations caused by the connected equipment taking 'gulps' of current during switiching, especially as the battery voltage falls, as people such as highwire noted this starts happening after a time when the battery voltage begins to drop. I hope this makes sense, being an oldie curing erratic and often corrupted data during power fluctuations was a common problem and 'decoupling' capacitors to give them their proper name are always desirable even when using battery power.
  5. To reduce power consumption I recommend a RT5370 wireless card, very small, weighs under 30gr and only uses 25mA, but works well in Monitor Mode and very cheap. Despite its small size it has an SMA antenna connection and power low enough to run from USB port on Nexus Tablet via micro USB hub.
  6. Thanks for this info, very interesting, will definately do some testing
  7. I didn't realise there was an EU store, is it possible to put me on an email list I'm in UK and wonder what import issues you have.
  8. I have asked sales@hak5 about UK availability as the shipping cost to UK is higher than the cost of the book so effectively making it unavailable, I'd be happy to pay a normal standard postage charge but having to pay courier charges for a book is not worth it, I'm still waiting for response to my hak5 query.
  9. I'm failry new to this so always look for a simple solution, glad it worked and also that the Pineapple can be reset so easily is a great feature.
  10. I had the same problem after using the Nano for a few days, the wp6 script failed as per your listing Default gateway reported as but no gateway ip or Internet gateway indicated, so I deleted my wp6.sh script and downloaded a new copy which worked fine, I did have other problems with module install failing which I don't think could be related to wp6, but a new download of wp6 after a factory reset on the Nano and everything is working again.
  11. Many thanks for the suggestions BeNe, the ssh + opkg.......etc install mdk3 worked but although mdk3 was available in the terminal it still didn't appear in the Pineapple Modules, I have now sorted it and all working fine so here is what I had to do: Before I made my first post I had problems and had carried out a hard reset, ie used the reset switch and the only problem was running wp6.sh gave me errors, not recognising the correct interface ids so I downloaded another copy and this worked OK. But it was after that I couldn't install modules and also after running for a time PineAP began to give problems, wouldn't switch off and some options not available. So after trying your suggestions I did a soft factory reset using Pineapple menu, ran a new copy of wp6.sh and everything seems fine, I've just installed a couple of modules and dependencies without a problem. I do not see how a corrupted wp6.sh could have caused this or maybe the hard reset didn't work properly, (but I did have to setup from scratch after the first reset) but in summary my second factory reset has solved the problem. However, I really appreciate your suggestions as that has improved my knowledge further and given me something else to play with. thanks and regards so dermitname, may be you should also try a factory reset
  12. I also find it impossible to install any modules into the Nano, which I have had for 4 days now, download is fine but all attempts to install the dependencies starts to do the install then fails with 'not installed' I have no such problem with my MK5 which I have used for 2 years so is there a problem with the Nano!!!!! we are not being told about?? I have tried to install Deauth, Dwall, Occupineapple, SSLstrip and nmap, none of them install dependencies, no other problems with the Nano. Pre installed, ie PineAP works fine. I have also tried these installs to internal storage and the SD card, so if anyone can suggest how to install modules in the Nano it woul be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Interesting as I've always had that problem with my Pineapple 5 but having only had my Nano for a couple of days that hasn't been a problem, so far. Running same laptop, same clients etc etc my Mark 5 clients lose wifi connectivity, even though they are still shown in the clients list and laptop is connected to wifi. ( I am talking about wifi connected via laptop after running wp5/wp6 ) sometimes I need to restart Wlan0 in the PIneapple to reconnect my clients, but occasionally have to reboot the laptop, I would be interested to know if anyone else has this problem with the MK5 PIneapple, but so far am very impressed with the Nano and so much easier to use.
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