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  1. I'm failry new to this so always look for a simple solution, glad it worked and also that the Pineapple can be reset so easily is a great feature.
  2. Many thanks for the suggestions BeNe, the ssh + opkg.......etc install mdk3 worked but although mdk3 was available in the terminal it still didn't appear in the Pineapple Modules, I have now sorted it and all working fine so here is what I had to do: Before I made my first post I had problems and had carried out a hard reset, ie used the reset switch and the only problem was running wp6.sh gave me errors, not recognising the correct interface ids so I downloaded another copy and this worked OK. But it was after that I couldn't install modules and also after running for a time Pin
  3. I also find it impossible to install any modules into the Nano, which I have had for 4 days now, download is fine but all attempts to install the dependencies starts to do the install then fails with 'not installed' I have no such problem with my MK5 which I have used for 2 years so is there a problem with the Nano!!!!! we are not being told about?? I have tried to install Deauth, Dwall, Occupineapple, SSLstrip and nmap, none of them install dependencies, no other problems with the Nano. Pre installed, ie PineAP works fine. I have also tried these installs to internal storage and the SD c
  4. Interesting as I've always had that problem with my Pineapple 5 but having only had my Nano for a couple of days that hasn't been a problem, so far. Running same laptop, same clients etc etc my Mark 5 clients lose wifi connectivity, even though they are still shown in the clients list and laptop is connected to wifi. ( I am talking about wifi connected via laptop after running wp5/wp6 ) sometimes I need to restart Wlan0 in the PIneapple to reconnect my clients, but occasionally have to reboot the laptop, I would be interested to know if anyone else has this problem with the MK5 PIneapple,
  5. I recommend you look on ebay and get a mobile phone/Tablet repair kit, very cheap and they contain a good selection of plastic opening tools, ideal for opening the clipped cases of Tablets/phones and Pineapples, most also contain a small set of security slot screwdrivers, an essential bit of kit these days to open such cases without damage.
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