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  1. could you just use the dns spoofing when they type in "https://", and redirect them to the nonsecure website?
  2. ok, thank you so much for your help. Im going to order one in the next few days. I understand and can do basic things such as DNS spoofing/ARP Poisoning.But how did you learn the more advanced things, like monitoring the websites the user logs on to? Did you learn just by messing around with the device? There isnt alot of documentation... thanks
  3. ok yea thats what i thought. Do you think the 50 page booklet on the website will cover the basics of the wifi pineapple toa point that i can understand? also, do i need the wireless card that (the one that supports packet injection, sold on their website) in order for it to work, or will it work on its own. To my understanding, the wifi card is only for the de authorization tool, which reconnects people that are already connected to the wifi to your device, and then to the wifi. But is it necessary to intercept people who are logging on when your device is already turned on?
  4. P.S i understand the whole concept of the "yes man" thing, like how it becomes the access point for all devices trying to connect to the internet, but i mean like, what can you do once they connect to the wifi via your pineapple? thanks!
  5. Ive been into computer programming for the past 3-4 years, and know java & c++(as wella s other scriping languages) quite well, but for a while ive been wanting to jump into networking and network/wifi hacking (educational purposes). I downloaded Back Track 5 and have been messing around with it for the past week. I had gotten as far as making phishing websites from the web site cloner, and i stumbled across this website/forum. I thought you guys could point me in some direction. I am especially interested in the wifi pineapple. Ive watched the hak5 episodes covering the pineapple, but i would like some instruction from a beginners standpoint(to networking, not programming). I would like to know a little more about it before i purchase it. There is not alot of documentation on it other than that made by very experienced users(i do not understand a single thing that they are saying :/). Thank you in advance for your help!
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