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  1. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your situation. Are you trying to use an external WiFi adapter (as in an ALFA) connected to the USB port on the Pineapple? Also what OS are you using? Hopefully it's Linux or Mac OSX. If so... First establish that you have connectivity between your PC and Pineapple via ethernet (cable) or wireless. If done correctly you should be able to access it via your web browser, (enter name and password) Next open up Terminal and SSH into your Pineapple and check to see if it can see that your ALFA is connected to the USB port ssh root@17
  2. The OP has a MBP so direct ethernet connection to/from the pineapple's not going to be much of a problem, even through a VM. The WP4.sh statup script is very easy to use. I've tried the wireless route without using an ethernet connection and it's quite simple. Power on the Pineapple, wait a few minutes, connect to the Pineapple via Airport, enter the IP info into the browser's address bar. The only issue I can see with using only wireless is if for some reason you can't connect to the Pineapple because the web interface isn't working. Then using a direct cable, you can use Terminal and
  3. Using OSX shouldn't be hard as long as you have an ethernet port. If you have a MBA (macbook air) it can be tricky when things go wrong since your only connection is via wireless (airport). If you have a MBP, you can use the ethernet cable to get back into the unit so it's a good fail safe. However as far as configuring, Ubuntu is fine, I'm using a MBP with Ubuntu in a VM. Some of the commands you'll need to do requires SUDO before the command since you're not running as root.
  4. UPDATE: The following is what I tried but it did not work. I suspect it might be unique to either Windows 7 or my computer's unique hardware configuration. Anyhow I just retested this situation using my Macbook Pro and it only shows one ESSID as I believe it should when I enabled the internal wireless adapter (Airport). So I'm suspecting the problem's either unique to Windows 7 wireless connection manager or my computer's hardware. I went into Manage Wireless Networks in the Control Panel and deleted all stored profiles and still no avail. Then I had the idea of checking for stored Regi
  5. I'm having a very odd issue and I can't help but think it's something I did to cause this. When my Pineapple's up and running without Karma, my laptop (using Win7) only see's whatever SSID I named it (i.e. TESTONLY) in the list of access points I can connect to. Karma Not Enabled: =============================== Currently connected to: TESTONLY Connected =============================== However as soon as I enable Karma, I see multiple SSID's (below) including the Pineapple's original SSID Karma Enabled: =============================== Currently connected to: TESTONLY Conne
  6. How do you "symbolically link the www folder to the folder on the usb" ? UPDATE: Figured it out, very simple. *BONK*
  7. Favourite game: 3D shooters, RTS Favourite OS: None but use OSX, Win7, Ubuntu 12.04 Favourite console: None Nationality: American Accent: English (sort of) Sex: Male Race: American Height: Average Build: Unimpressive Favourite band: Anything but polka and opera. Favourite book: Art of War Favourite author: None Favourite movie: Enemy of the State Favourite director: None Favourite TV Show: None Favourite actor: None Favourite actress: None Favourite Pinup: None Favourite Comedian: None Other hobbies: Running, Mountain biking, diving, climbing and s
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