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  1. i could translate in Hindi. Nice effort as it would extend the reach of a great show to many others...
  2. I'm pleased to introduce a project of mine, AlgoTut v2.0. This application provides a visual approach for better understanding searching and sorting algorithms. The current release is limited to Sorting and Searching algorithms but the future releases would have several others including a functionality for utilising custom algorithms. This application is completely build using JavaFX api, so it is portable to multiple platforms. This project is an open-source project, for dowloading the source, please visit my github page FEATURES: 1. Real-time visualisation of each step, an algorithm takes to complete its task, using bar-graph. 2. For each step, A log-entry is generated and displayed, thus generated log can be saved and can be used as a later reference. 3. Each step could be delayed for 1 to 4 seconds thus providing some time to understand what algorithm did. Your feedback is very important for development of this application. Thanks! SNAPSHOTS: Application start up. Binary search algorithm running Search item found! Array loaded for sorting. Insertion sort algorithm running Sorting done!
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