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  1. Hello, Thank you for all recommendations. Unfortunattelly, the pineaple is in the same state. I removed the flash stick from the usb. I removing the two screews, and now the box is open (Thanks BigFanOhak5) i don´t understant the expression: "setting up ICS", I try to configure de connection using the script wp4.sh, but the ssh to pineapple don´t respond. Also don´t respond to ping. Now I need a converter USB-UART, is dificult to find in a local town, probably i search some in ebay... Any recommendation? Thanks for this great forum, It's my favorite place in internet. Until I repair the pineapple, I will learn more about it...
  2. Hello, I play with the pineapple during 1 week whithout any problem, but yesterday I upgraded the firmware 2.4.0, I load all the modules to the USB partition. I changed de language to spanish. The pineapple was ok. Perfect, I executed de sslstrip module, and 2 hours later, perhaps, I turn off de power. When I try to turn on, the pineapple only show the led blue "pwr" on. I can´t login to webui like before. I try to press de reset button... after 10 seconds, the others blue leds are on, but i can´t login. I try to switch-off switch-on the power, and the WPS is flashing continuosly after now. I try several times to switch-off-on, but always, the WPS is flashing every 0.5 seconds... I have unpluged the LAN, the usb pendridve, the ethernet. If i try to press de reset, the pineapple don´t respond, I don´t know how to do. Sorry for my bad english. It´s time to do a clean flash, using the post of Mr-Protocol? How I can open the box ? I need some USB/Serial to UART cable? Another possibilty to try? Thanks,
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