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  1. I have some corsair vengeance 1866 mhz ... the board will only recognize it as 1600 without overclocking (I have yet to try this)
  2. Its in open beta now so all can give it a try... ya if using amd graphics card the x.org drivers will open tf2 but play it at about 10 fps. The proprietary drivers that come in most distro's repo cause the whole black box opening for a second then nothing happening... I installed the 12.11 beta drivers from AMD's website and TF2 opened perfectly and ran at a steady 300 fps
  3. I have an Asus m5a99x that looks similar to that board.. It was the easiest board ive ever set up, the UEFI bios is a little weird, you can control everything with a mouse and its really graphical, but still lets you do everything you need to do. The only problem i've ran into with my board is that it only supports 1600 mhz ram, without overclocking.
  4. Anyone else ever get into this? I got an email a week or 2 ago and installed it on mint 14. Have to use some beta amd drivers for tf2 to play at a normal fps.
  5. Saw this earlier and it sounded pretty cool. I personally think the mini pc looks pretty interesting. http://www.pengpod.com
  6. No problem. Hopefully everything gets sorted out.
  7. Have you tried calling the number listed at the bottom of the hakshop's website?
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I have my final for the class this week so ive been going through everything. I'm going for a quick AAS in programming so I don't think I will get into taking any cisco classes higher then maybe the introduction. Next semester I'm taking IT essentials, and introduction to linux(stupid pre requisites), along with some of the general classes I need
  9. haha.. Thats is a good one, I would fill it with arnold quotes from Total Recall I personally liked the pacman on the voting machine part. ohh wow a friend of mine had a roomba years ago, i didnt realize they were even still around, it sounds really interesting though.
  10. I was looking around and found this pretty cool video. The guy is talking about tests done where people hack cars, pumps for hearts, and some other interesting things. I thought it was pretty cool so I'm sure some of you here will get a kick out of it also. http://www.ted.com/talks/avi_rubin_all_your_devices_can_be_hacked.html?p_pro=0&p_vep=7&p_ves=0&p_lqa=0&p_lqe=0&p_lsu=24&p_lst=0&p_lex=299&p_lng=en&p_lid=en-us&p_elm=80&p_var=%252Ffa%252Fen-us%252Ftoaster-virus-update_news_ted-limits-to-hacking.html
  11. And they saved the best for last. Finally getting into the good stuff, network security. :D
  12. I stumbled upon this, haven't given it a test yet though. http://www.omgubuntu...eta-invitations
  13. aww man thats a bummer... They are gonna have to expand from debian sometime and maybe the will have you at the top of the list for that.
  14. The closed beta for Steam on Ubuntu has started. Valve is looking for about 1k people to actively test the Steam client for linux. You can take the survey below to sign up for a chance to try the beta out. From What I understand you will need a Steam account with the game LFD2. This is great news for all of us Linux users, still using Windows for our gaming needs. http://www.valvesoft...linuxsurvey.php
  15. I also recently got Dirt 3 free with a graphics card haven't got around to installing it though... I also was able to get skyrim, RAGE. and BF3 for 10 bucks each from toys r us a few weeks ago but also haven't really been playing them.. The one game I've really been playing is CS:GO, just trying to get used to the difference between it and source.
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