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  1. Hi!, the WPS button of my pineapple get stuck, how i can open the case of the mark4? I ask because i don't want to broke the plastic case. Thanks
  2. Hi All! I configurated all the redirection sites on my /www folder, but i have a question, if a cellphone connect to my pineapple thinking that is a open free wifi spot, the dns spoof should work anyway? because i connect to the pineapple wifi network with my android and when i try to access to facebook, it goes to the original facebook page (the facebook is an example, I try with another webs), this is so extrange because when the karma is working in a laptop the dns spoof work correctly :S Thanks for the help!
  3. I install the OPKG Manager and it is awesome! Thanks telot!
  4. Hi, i'm trying to install nmap in the pineapple mark4 with this command in the "Advanced - Execute Commands", (i already install the module of nmap in the pineapple bar) opkg install --dest usb nmap [/CODE] is this right? because i don't have any response. Thanks!
  5. Hi! Which of these batteries you think best for the mark4? http://www.dealextreme.com/p/ipower-external-5v-3000mah-emergency-power-battery-w-6-charging-adapters-white-silver-131908?item=12 http://www.dealextreme.com/p/1000mah-5-5v-solar-powered-self-recharging-li-ion-battery-2575?item=22 and....someone has a manual to assemble a battery pack for the mark4? I'm not very good at electronics :/ Thanks!
  6. yes, i'm running as root the .sh but i still get error SIOCDELRT: No such process
  7. Thanks for your help, but when I follow all the steps, the console show me this error: SIOCDELRT: No such process there is some problem with the default gateway, but the correct gateway is "", so i don't know what is the problem with that :(
  8. Hi all, i'm trying to setup the internet connection sharing in ubuntu, but when i run the script don't do nothing, here is some screenshots about my configuration: hackzilla@Notebook:~$ iwconfig lo no wireless extensions. eth1 IEEE 802.11 Access Point: Not-Associated Link Quality:1 Signal level:171 Noise level:199 Rx invalid nwid:0 invalid crypt:2 invalid misc:0 eth0 no wireless extensions. hackzilla@Notebook:~$ iwconfig lo no wireless extensions. eth1 IEEE 802.11 Access Point: Not-Associated Link Quality:1 Signa
  9. hi all, here you have how you can display the log in page phishing "logs" in our pineapple: 1) Enter the logs.php file located in / www / pineapple / pages 2) At the end of the file before the last </ div> enter the following lines of code: <br /> <div class=contentTitle id=syslog>Phishing Logs (<a href="#syslog" onclick="javascript:location.reload(true)">refresh</a>)</div> <div class=contentContent> <?php $file= fopen("../bitches.txt", "r"); while(!feof($file)){ $show=fgets ($file, 100); echo $show."</br>"; } fclose($file); ?> </
  10. And i need to change the SSID of Karma in the configuration for some tipically wifi hotspot like "starbucks" or something like that? or the karma automatically detect the SSID and connect? Thanks!
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