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  1. I am using pfsense 2.0.2 and from time to time (some weeks it happens once a day, others 3 or 4 times a day) my lan card hangs and no lan nodes can get to the internet. I then have access the web gui from the wan side and reboot the firewall to get internet access again. Once in awhile i get an error on the console screen saying "msk0: watchdog timeout" (not verbatim). Some research i did state that it is a result of some sort of interupt storm and others say to update the drivers for it. But with being a novice and not a professional when it comes to linux, could someone explain to me how I g
  2. Ok I purchased a 32GB Patriot Super Sonic Boost USB 3.0 flash drive and wanted to turn it into a multipass. I ran the grub_installer program mentioned in another forum post on here and then downloaded grub4dos and copied the grldr over to the root of the drive and also added my menu.lst file to the root. I already had a 4gb sandisk flash drive that successfully boots and works fine as a multipass. I copied all files and folders exactly as they were on the 4gb over to the 32gb drive. To save from having to repeatedly boot my laptop I made a vmdk in virtualbox using vboxmanager command which all
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