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  1. I was curious if anyone has personally worked on any cards that support 5ghz channels. I have been working with Carl9170. Packet injection availability I haven't had any success yet. If anyone is able to help, I would be greatful.
  2. Is this what you are looking for? The one on the side with the LEDs is the AR9331 and the other side is the 8187.
  3. Thanks for the info. Bully is pretty smooth. Gotta go over all my other builds and add it. Again, thank you for sharing.
  4. I have a script I made back on the Mark4 for "SMS to shell" and "Shell/machine to SMS". Not sure if anyone has already went over this subject. I did a quick search and it didn't show results. Was wondering if anyone was interested in the shell script I typed up. What I used: Curl Gmail Atom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SMS_gateways awk/grep shell looping statements Basically was able to issue commands to retrieve logs and also turn on and off features.
  5. According to the USPS shipping in general there will be 23.95 for a small flat rate package. Delivery time will be 6-12 days.
  6. Sure. Not 100% how but I am sure I can learn taking a trip to the post office. Where are you located?
  7. You dont need the emmc. I used the micro SD without issues. As for the PSU I have many but I wounldnt feel comfortable selling them. I cut them up to test the current draw on them with my Fluke. I can drop the total price. If need be. I can also through in my new Micro SD and the micro HDMI cable. I already own 4 PineApples and at 35 each for the board it isnt much to me. So I dont really need another PineApple. I didnt really run in to software issues. I was down clocking the device and running multiple wireless cards. The stability with running it on battery power is where I threw in the towel. I wanted it to run with the Pineapple to run more powerful exploits but the A10 is doing the job just fine.
  8. About a month old. Works! Has no PSU or emmc. Too many issues with my current project. Will trade for geek gear. or asking $75 shipping in the states Nokia N810 Nokia N900 A10 Hackberry Alfa Cards 18650 Batteries
  9. I use my self some 18650 Li-Ions. These are found in laptop batteries. Build a solid power control unit with 5V regulators some 20V zener diodes and PCBs from radio shack. I can post details on my setup if anyone is interested. All the stuff adds up but you get solid hours out of it. My projects normally runs Dev boards with the Pineapple. As the HackBerry A10, RPI, Ordroid U2. So Ive built powerful cells.
  10. RPi is good but I use the Hackberry A10. Solid for the work load and the built on wireless doesnt drop. Maybe off subject. An idea. Fueled from Li-Po or Ion. Works good in my drop box.
  11. opkg install usbreset Works for me. I use it to avoid reopening a deployed junction box. :D
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