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  1. I'd like to know this too. I feel like there should be a 3.0.0 bug tracking thread somewhere so we can all make the next version better and more polished.
  2. I can't seem to figure out how to use the new GUI for 3g modems. My Huawei E173 doesn't automatically start up and connect. My workaround is to pull down 2.8's 3g.sh script and run it in my /root directory. Works perfectly for my Huawei E173 https://raw.github.com/WiFiPineapple/web-interface/master/3g/3g.sh I also notice a wiki page is down for modems... just wanted to bring this to the mod's attentions.
  3. absolutely no infustion, no wireless, nothing. Left it overnight and came back to this. I reset to factory defaults and will run again overnight and see if it spikes back up. If it doesn't I'll resolve thread.
  4. /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /pineapple -r = 98% CPU. WebGUI unresponsive. I can still SSH to the box, however.
  5. just to document my findings: I ended up buying a SIM from T-mobile and adding 3GB. $35 for data, $10 for SIM card and activation. Payed cash and SIM worked perfectly in the ZTE MF591. Only problem is that the service will end in 30 days. I would LOVE to find a carrier that had non-expiring data plans, like buy 5 gigs for $50 and never have them expire.
  6. thanks for the pdf barry. It'd be nice to solder on a permanent connector for use with an external antenna. Perhaps my best bet is to buy a 3g/4g USB card that supports external antennas out of the box. According to the PDF: "This product is intended to be used for circuit inspection only. Consult factory if any other application is considered."
  7. I opened up my ZTE MF591 to see if I could plug in an external antenna. Does this look like a MMCX connector?
  8. 3.1 fixes the wlan1 issue. Great job WM. :)
  9. FYI, I'm also experiencing the behavior where every permutation of drop-downs (or not using drop-downs as DuoM mentioned) leads to wlan0 starting instead of wlan1. On 2.8.1 using a awus036NHA plugged directly into the mkiv which is plugged into a wall charger.
  10. I also saw some neat geocaching cases that can withstand the elements http://shop.geocaching.com/default/cache-essentials/cache-containers?limit=all
  11. these geocaching containers look like they could work well. I like the fake tree stump. Here's the whole list: http://shop.geocaching.com/default/cache-essentials/cache-containers?limit=all&mode=list
  12. does anyone know what 3.0 will look like? I think I read somewhere on here that the UI will be totally different and better for small mobile screens.
  13. So I visited a few walmarts, targets, t-mobiles, boost mobiles, verizon, at&t stores, etc. After visiting 10+ stores, the only brick and mortar store to carry USB modems was walmart: Walmart - inventory varies greatly from store to store: at&t usb connect 900 (huawei e1815) for $69.00 T-Mobile Rocket 4g (ZTE MF591) for $59.88 Virgin Mobile broadband2go u600 3g/4g usb stick for $34.88 T-Mobile Jet 2.0 (Huawei UMG366) for $59.88 So I ended up not purchasing anything and buying a Huawei E173 Unlocked HSDPA 7.2Mbps GSM 3G USB Modem on amazon for $33.93 shipped and a ZTE MF591 from ebay for under $6. Soon I'll have 2 USB modems, but no sim cards. How do you go about getting pre-paid GSM sims for these modems? I want to use cash and not sign up for a monthly plan. Any experience here would be awesome.
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