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  1. Have you tried removing the flash stick from the usb and then booting? Also (if not already) use the wall wart to power the pineapple instead of the portable battery. If all else fails, do a clean flash. You can open it by removing the two screws under the rubber feet. It should be on the side where the usb is at. Get the USB to UART cable but make sure it has 3.3v.

  2. that is weird.

    maybe try another firmware upgrade without anything plugged into the usb port and see what happens after that?

    I reflashed it again with v2.3.1 and it works now. Not sure why or what changed. Maybe the first time was a bad flash? Doesn't make any sense, but I'm glad to get it working again.

  3. The wlan light is constantly flashing. It happens when any device connects to the pineapple mark iv. Once the device is connected, it will not allow the connected device to load any webpages. This started when I followed petertfm's how-to guide for random rolling. I followed the guide to a "T" and all seemed to work fine. The rolled pages were working great and randomizing as it should, but as soon as I turned off dns spoofing is when the wlan light flashing stayed constant. I have tried to reset, reboot via web ui, unplugging power adapter, upgrading, and even did a clean flash with no success. Seems to me like it may be a hardware issue? Nothing I try works. I am able to view the web ui and ssh in as normal. help.

  4. Thanks for this. It works like a charm. Only question I had: When I disable dns spoof, it doesn't go back to normal webpages- any page I to go to times out. Do you think the pineapple has to be rebooted every time to go back to normal? I've tried to clear the cache on the pineapple. I also noticed the Wlan light blinking constantly as if it was still reading one of the roll pages.

  5. This is a mistake.

    It doesn't make sense to pass encrypted packets to sslstrip's HTTP server which expects unencrypted traffic. The sslstrip manual makes no mention of such an iptables redirection for a reason.

    I just downloaded the module on my fresh Pineapple and clients on the network were no longer able to access actual HTTPS websites. I had to comment the line out and everything worked as it should again.

    Followed your guide, but when I get to this step: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 10000

    It booted me from the webui and now when I try to get back to the webui, I get problem loading page error. thoughts?

  6. I'm a bit confused on the sslstrip module. If I install it via the pineapple bar, do I need to do anything else or does the module auto installs all the things needed to make it work? I keep seeing threads popping up about fixing ip tables and such. Just want to know before I install it via pineapple bar. thanks

  7. I had some problems getting tftpd64 started, seemed to fix itself? after a reboot?

    I did have to manually run it as administrator.

    I pulled out my old 32-bit windows vista laptop. I got it to work there, but I'm at the part where I need to log into via winscp. The video shows that its is a four letter password. I tried "toor" and "pineapplesareyummy" What's the pass? thanks

  8. have you run as administrator?

    Tried in administrator - no go. I even tried it on my other 64-bit windows 7 laptop and no such luck as well. The only difference is I don't get the error on that laptop. When I start Tftpd64 the server interface shows Not sure what else it could be.

  9. have you chmod +x

    and I am not sure what the program you are trying to run from? winscp?

    you need to run it from an ssh session so any errors or problems can be seen.

    I got it sorted now. For some reason when I put it in the /tmp/ folder instead of the root directory, it worked.

  10. Before going any further you need to confirm:

    A: you are in the same network as the pineapple, ie: you are connected with a IP address, and the pineapple is giving ping replys from

    B: you are applying enough power. A usb to DC cable won't power much past a standalone pineapple, maybe a usb stick or so. Unplug these and apply the original 12v psu and give us feedback.

    A. Yes I have been able to connect to the webui without any hitch. It just happened when I turned the pineapple on and all the lights were solid. I couldn't log into the webui so I hit the reset button on the bottom and thats when the WPS light kept flashing and would not go solid.

    B. I used the ac adapter that came supplied with it when I bought it.

    Moreover, was the pineapple working and then stopped, or had you always received a "page not found" error?

    Had it always blinked constantly, or is this new behavior?

    See above. This is new behavior.

  11. Yes, the correct com port is being used. As I stated before, I can see all the dialog in the putty terminal connection, but for some odd reason I can't send any commands to it. By default it picks option #3 for me because it does not sense that I'm trying to push the 1 key for option #1. I tripled checked that all the setting were correct in both putty and my com port in device manager in windows 7. I have no clue what else could be causing this issue.

  12. So I tried to use another program called secureCRT and it is doing the same thing. For some reason, the shell is not responding to my keyboard. I have tried it on 2 computer already. I guess I will exchange the pineapple for another one then.

    P.S. For those of you who are thinking I didn't have the settings right for the com port, yes I have checked numerous times that the settings are correct in device manager as well as putty settings. I basically followed Mr. Protocol's video step-by-step. Not sure why else the terminal does not respond to any keys. I also did a google search and found that sometimes with putty you have to push $$$ before to get putty to respond. That doesn't work.

  13. Welp I got it to communicate, but when it loads up, I can see the 3 selections, but it doesn't prompt me. There is a counter on the right side that counts down from 3. It loads by itself and gets stuck at "please press enter to activate this console". Basically it won't let me push "1" from the get go. :/ and I can't get past the "please press enter to activate this console". It doesn't do anything when I push "enter".

  14. I am trying to do a clean flash on my Mark IV, but am stuck at the putty window with the cursor (see below). I am not sure what is going on. I followed the pinned guide by Mr.Protocol, but it is not working. I checked that my com3 port is working and all the connections are in the right order on the USB to TTL serial connection. I am running windows 7 64-bit and trying to connect through putty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. P.S. The connector I bought was from here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/170809155735?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649


  15. No problem!

    I put a link to the tripod that I purchased from Amazon above. Did a lot of searching, tried to get one that looked sturdy and similar to Darren's from what I could see on the show.

    Here's the tripod, folded up, next to the hakshop-purchased Yagi:


    Here's a closer shot of the tripod connection plate. Note that the threaded screw is in the center, and in front of that is a spring-loaded peg. I intend to drill the appropriate hole for it soon, but for now it just compresses when I screw the antenna on:


    Here's a shot of where I drilled the hole in the mounting plate attached to the Yagi, and then used a tap to thread the hole. I left it on to provide more thickness (for more thread surface), as well as stability:


    Here's the Yagi attached to the tripod. Rock Solid!


    And lastly, here's a shot of the same, only showing the full extension of the tripod, both on the legs and the center post:


    I hope this helps you and anyone else wanting to mount the Yagi on a tripod!

    Next project is to mount the scope and/or laser pointer. I'll be sure to share what method I manage to come up with!

    Good luck!

    May I ask what size drill bit you used and the tap? thanks

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