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  1. Aida32 works beautifully on XP, too bad Wine's not sophisticated enough to emulate it properly. I read somewhere that an CPU-Z might work if it's configured to run as a WIN98 application, but have yet to experiment. The cmd lspci -vv seems very cryptic. I cannot decipher its output or if it actually displays RAM type. ?
  2. I'll try gparted. Maybe it'll allow to peek and possibly extract data. I know for a fact it wont give me windows explorer type functionality...lets see...
  3. yea, truecrypt is an excellent freeware application. Most Linux distros do NOT encrypt stored files. It is possible NOW to configure distros like Unbuntu 12 to implement back ground encryption services so that files get encrypted directly, w/out having to rely on third part applications such as TrueCrypt. My question is how to determine if an OS actually utilizes such technology. In other words, if a newb were to pry out a harddrive whats stopping her from viewing the content by simply mounting it using hardware thats wired to another box loaded up the neck with forensics utilities such as BT 5. I have personally viewed the contents of windows FAT32 volumes by simply loading a linux distro such as knoppix which can view on board drives. I don't expect anyone to wire together crays and crack away AES encrypted volumes using 1 billion terabyte rainbow tables. I think you misunderstood....
  4. With linux and tools like Hirens Boot disk its easy to mount and view the contents for FAT32/NTFS file systems. Is there a linux utility boot disk type utility that can be used to view files(hidden volumes)? I want to check if my disk is encrypted. I don't think I installed it with disk encryption. A password is just enough security to keep the no0bs at bay. I'm afraid that someone my pry out my harddrive mount them using an external disk utility and then clone it. any ideas? BT5 R2/Ubu 12. Hirens boot disk comes loaded with utilities for Windows....
  5. media player classic and rhythmbox. Both applications work fine if the PC is setup in the DMZ or if the files are on http ports. the problem i think is software firewall on my modem. I think its opening just an outbound port (8000) without honoring the server's request for additional info.
  6. I cannot configure port forwarding for a streaming audio radio show on my westel a90(latest version). The application works perfectly when I add my laptop to the DMZ. But if I configure to use port 8000 it for some reason sends out SYNC packets and then stops. I managed to somehow get it working several months ago by tweaking the range of open ports from lik 5000-9000, set to both TCP and UPD – dynamic, but now its not working. I used netstat –anop to test if the connection initiates. I see the SYNC but its like to stops immediately after the first handshake. The modem is set to medium security. Any suggestions?
  7. What exactly is the nix equivalent? Looks like you're suggesting that I must reach for Wine...think it'll work?
  8. Thanks for the link. The hardinfo application is really neat. Is there a utility out there that will display the type(SD/DDR) of RAM on board?
  9. I remember using a proggie call hwdinfo or sumffin way back in the good ol days of win98. It was written from scratch in ASM and displayed a very intricate log of all the hardware along with manufacturer info on a PC. Whats the Linux equivalent?
  10. I agree. A relational DB like mysql is the way to go. Avoid M$ products like Access.
  11. Ever think of using vbox with a distro like Knoppix which is loaded with GNU apps to find dup. files. Seems like your looking around for a utility that can perform binary comparisons. It exists in Linux and its free. You can figure it out...rather than pick your nose with the shareware.
  12. Salary really depends on location and industry. A small organization with less 50 computers might shell out enough to make ends meet, if it located in a rural town. On the other hand, an admin in NYC or LA with the right qualifications can easily make over 68-150 a year. Outsourcing really only applies in situations when it practical to outsource. Its impossible to completely outsource an entire IT team. Most companies outsource to save money and more importantly avoid employee strikes. Developers are more at risk than admins, IMHO.
  13. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the info.
  14. The second solution seems viable. Maybe I connect the PCs to the router and use Xming and RDP combined with SAMBA as you suggest. I definitely not in a position to invest in VMware ESXi. I wonder if theres a vbox equivalent. What are the security implications involved with RDP and Xming? Sounds like I would have tweak the enter network and setup static IPs.
  15. Alright, I got three computers that I want to network. Lets imagine the network can be expanded 30 computers with different op. sys., linux, mac, win, minix, etc later on. For now its a four port DSL modem router running the show. Its sophisticated enough to implement a software based firewall. The question is how to make all four computers interact with each other using software, TCP/IP. Windows of course is known for remote desktop and active directory. Whats the linux equivalent RDP? SSH? There must be a way to seamlessly integrate each PC on the network. I dont think its possible to boot into a VM using VMware. VMware requires a host OS.
  16. You have to learn x86 architecture, machine language, to write your own keygens. Apps like IDA basically convert programs into low level assembler code. It can take several years to learn assembler, if you're not into comp. sci., its not like HTML. Companies pay developers more to design sophisticated techniques for authentication, so even if you manage to disassemble, you would need a phd in math to decipher it.
  17. Hmm I never thought of networking multiple computers using VMs. You mentioned setting the XP on the front, which might work but seems a little archaic. M$ pulled the plug on XP already. The OS is like 12 yrs old. Secondly, by implementing your solution I would have to format all the PCs. Not that I really mind, but I think its best to keep a secure linux distro on the front so I can maintain the entire network. Using harda s such as a KVM kind of defeats the purpose of a router combined with sophisticated software in IMHO. I recently asked guys for suggestions on how to transfer large 20 gig files from one PC to another. Some of the members suggested buying cross over cables or using a hard drive enclosure, when all I had to do was set file sharing. I pretty sure theres a way to admin a small network using Linux with a typical DSL router. I'm looking for a way to login to a deamon from PC on the network which allows access to any PC on the network.
  18. What’s the best way to configure a network of three computers and a DSL modem/router? Two of the PC’s are running nix, Ubu and BT, one is a XP SP3. I know I can set up the XP machine to allow remote admin but there’s probably a more intuitive way. I mean, its just not practical to remote into a machine on the same subnet. How can I switch from one machine to another using Linux if they’re all wired to the same router? I would kind of like to alt+tab between the comps on my network w/ one set in the DMZ. I've heard of bridging the NIC but what exact does it mean? Any suggestions?
  19. I see that BT is secure compared to common distros. Google chrome wont load unless a certain modifications are applied. This is really just an experiment. It's not like I'm heading the Pentagon. I bet they'll integrate vbox and virtualization in future releases. Its really funny how people in the hak5 community like to point out commercial alternatives such as VMware and M$. Their stability lies in the fact that its closed source.
  20. The bios was not set to enable virtualization, problem solved. As soon I reset the bios, logged in and clicked start, I a pic of my win 7 64 bit ultimate on my BT R5 staring at me in awe. Now I have to figure out how to network multiple PCs and VMs on the same subnet.
  21. The answer is simple. I shelled out money for more horsepower. Actually, if you head over to, www.virtualbox.org, you'll see that it in fact possible to emulate a 64bit OS. I've been working with win 7 64 ultimate using my Ubuntu vbox for quite a while now. I think the problem is with BT's inherent security. I confirmed the CPU by doing a quick cat /proc/cpuinfo and it turns out that's not set to utilize SMP but adheres to x86_64. Now its just a matter of either formatting or configuring with a lot of beer. :( This has been a real back in the back track.
  22. ok, it turns out that properly installed. I insalled two instances on using the .run and another using Synaptic. After removing both instances and installing the ubuntu version of BT 64 using gdebi it worked. However, now the problem is the internal VT-x/AMD-V modules. Vbox apparently cannot load 64bit operating systems, even though its a quad core intel running a 64bit version of BT5. I feel Im making progress at a snails pace. any suggestions?
  23. I got the 3.2.6 installed on the BT 5 R2 and 2.6.32 on the Unbuntu with the older version of vbox. the BT wiki recommends the following command cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/ after preparing the kernel sources. For some strange reason, causes the system to display an invalid opt error msg. apparently, there is not linux/headers folder, even though the kernel is listed as the latest release. There really no documentation on virtualbox.org on how to remove the files that were installed by the .run installation w/out tampering the the files installed through Synaptic. So, this is obviously an issue with the DKMS/Kernel/Vboxdrv configuration. The mod who analyzed the 300+ was so perplexed he asked why I chose BT.
  24. Hello, I installed the latest version of vbox 4.x on my BT 5 R2 box using Synaptic and by downloading the .run for 64bit systems. Both versions fail to emulate, but load the default GUI. I get a strange error every time I load an OS, as you can see – “Please reinstall the kernel module by executing etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup.” The system shows fatal error msg when modprobe vboxdrv is executed. The virtualbox.org community recommended installing the latest kernel, which is on the system along the latest updates from BT. The old version of BT runs fine on Ubuntu, the problem seems to BT’S inherent security. Any suggestions?
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