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  1. Just a little script to change the SSID and MAC address of the device (to make it look like a new AP on demand) at a push of a button ;) Either paste it into the WebUI or scp wpsScript.sh root@<ip>:/www/pineapple/config/wpsScript.sh[/CODE] Tested on Firmware v2.2 [i]p.s. I've also got got the random MAC address part in the start up script (/etc/rc.local) :) [/i] [CODE] #!/bin/sh # This user script is provided for custom actions and can be added to crontab or run directly from the advanced page by entering "/www/pineapple/scripts/user.sh" and pressing "Execute Commands" #New SSID###
  2. Well done on the new release =) Just a minor bug with the updated file structure. The path in "/var/error.php" hasn't been updated to reflect the the new folder root@Pineapple:/www# grep -n log error.php 12: $filed = @fopen("pineapple/phish.log", "a+"); root@Pineapple:/www# ls -l pineapple/phish.log ls: pineapple/phish.log: No such file or directory root@Pineapple:/www# ls -l pineapple/logs/phish.log -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2 Jan 1 1970 pineapple/logs/phish.log root@Pineapple:/www#
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