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  1. I encountered the same problem today. The USB has been in de Pineapple for no more than 12 hours on and off. Today I upgraded to 2.2 and rm -rf'ed everything from the USB to install again. Changed fstab to set the SWAP on the USB's 2nd partition etc. After reboot it said it was read only and i can't get rid of it...
  2. Yeah that worked. Apparantly I just had to reboot the thing after plugging in :) Cheers!
  3. The iPhone shows up as a generic Network Adapter in Windows 7. I will try your steps i a few mins. Tnx!
  4. Ok I'm gonna need some pointers here. I cannot connect to my Pineapple over my laptops LAN connection when directly plugged into the Pineapple. I've been messing arround with my Pineapple for a few days now, mostly connected to it using WiFi or my local LAN (WAN port of Pineapple plugged in to my home network, it gets an IP from my DHCP server in my router). This works fine. What I'm trying to do now is having users connect to my Pineapple over it's WiFi connection, then route the traffic to my laptop which is connected to the internet using my iPhone's USB modem using ICS in Windows 7. What I've done is: - Connected iPhone. Internet works. - Plugged a cable into the WAN port (also tried PoE/LAN port) of the Pineapple and the other end into my laptop. - Gave my laptop's LAN connection the IP: /24 - Tried to connect to the Pineapple over over LAN. But this does not work. - Ran an IP scan but found nothing. This goes for both PoE and WAN ports. I'm running FW 2.2.0 Thanks, Bento
  5. I'm having trouble upgrading. I'm on 1.1.1 now and trying to upgrade to 2.0. I've downloaded the upgrade.bin several times, my MD5 sum is: eda040076b8fd7bf53406abc4af248e0 This is different than the one in the firmware post on this forum. Also when trying to upgrade it giveĀ“s me the error: Error! Request status is 0 Please advice.
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