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  1. Thanks everyone. I was thinking of using the second mini-pcie slot for integrated WWAN. Could anyone give me a direction to go to recompile the code? I am excited about the propect of creating my own dropbox. Thanks, Hakatta PS I will keep everyone posted on my progress once I get started.
  2. Will this board work?? http://www.gateworks.com/products/laguna/gw2388-4.php I was thinking of making a Jasager that could handle an enterprise amount of clients. Or may be create a jasager/pwnplug. Basically a pentest dropbox. Thanks, Hakatta
  3. I had setup tehtering incorectly on my mac; when I enabled sslstrip I packet stormed the device (Evident through a snort IDS system). Starting the tethering process over solved the problem
  4. Just covering all the bases. Have you added any IpTables rules?
  5. make sure you are Plugged into the POE port or connected to the wlan. Also make sure you are going to to access the interface
  6. I had this problem to but I resolved it. What OS are you running? Pineapple os Version?
  7. Did I miss something, I cant find keylogger in the Module system. I have a Mk4 running v2.1. Thanks
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