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  1. I'm just wondering why a device expecting 12v is routinely being ran from a 5v supply? Is this a good idea? What does that do to the hardware? Has anyone noticed weird things happening while running on 5v opposed to 12v? How does this effect wireless power/range? I run mine from a 12v battery pack but they are much less common, just curious about this.
  2. As a Hak5 fan and Pineapple owner, I would like to say, I've been to the forums a bunch of times just to see what's going on and to check out what other people have been using their pineapples for. I only made an account when I couldn't access the web interface and didn't realize the update changed the address of the web interface from to but I ended up finding it in the forum and didn't have to post :) For this reason and many others, it would be a very bad idea to limit the forums for anyone, especially segregation based on the number of posts made! No offence but that's a really counter productive idea, it would surely almost halt the growth of the community. I don't see why everyone is debating this to such an extent, especially you Zephyr. The only way to really stop script kiddies, regardless of membership/post status whatever, is to stop breast-feeding them scripts. As soon as you put a post limitation and they find out (like by reading this thread) they'll start posting total crap just to increase their count, which provides only headaches for the community and especially the mods. It is pointless. Further more, this isn't even a script kiddie issue, it's a moral/legal issue (maybe even a pineapple image issue). The "read first" disclaimer post clearly states the forums will not encourage malicious intent, period. This is a standard across most forums.
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