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  1. I got Killing Floor, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP working on on my XPS 13 (Ubuntu 12.04). Steam itself works well enough, I'm just a bit miffed that most of the Humble Bundle games I've redeemed on Steam (which are cross platform...) don't show up under Linux Games yet.
  2. I'm with digip here. "Yeah, we lost some pretty sensitive PII on some 'lightly' encrypted tapes in 2008. NBD." Just smells fishy.
  3. Yeah, that's pretty much it. The link it out there to download the .deb, it has some dependencies, and you can launch without the "not in beta" notification. However, games won't install for me since I'm not officially in the beta. I'm patient, though.
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty much locked in with my landlord's crappy AT&T cable internet (4 down/1 up, 60% packet loss). Just 6 months until I graduate...then FREEDOM!
  5. Yeah, I applied to the survey the moment it came out, but I didn't get in the initial beta group. They'll be allowing more people in as time goes on from what I've been told. However...there is a glitch in the client that lets you login without a "Steam Linux beta" account (launch Friends instead of the main app), but you can't install games. Waiting for the day when I can ditch M$ Windoze for good.
  6. That's exactly what it is lol. Just making light of the fact that DICE always has an unnecessary lens flare in their games. And for the record, they brought back cs_office for Global Offensive.
  7. Yeah, I immediately noticed the lack of voice chat in BF3. I'm usually on Skype with friends playing anyway, so it's not a big deal. I beat the campaign in MoH (2010), but I haven't tried the multiplayer yet. Also: http://i.imgur.com/yt0CQ.jpg
  8. Not sure if this has been shared before, but I find it a good way to kill time while practicing my Python skills. :) http://www.reddit.com/r/dailyprogrammer/
  9. I love BF3, but MoH:W looks terrible from what I've heard. Besides, I've got plenty of Origin games to play after that coupon snafu weekend.
  10. Yeah, I didn't play all that much Source, so GO isn't a big change for me. RAGE was a good game. Borderlands type missions with Bioshock type guns, just not as in-depth as Borderlands. I think I paid $15 for it during a Steam sale.
  11. Yeah, we've talked about stuff like Citrix Receiver before, but the cost and network requirements are more than what we can handle (that's what my boss told me, at least).
  12. If you're into electronic, http://www.di.fm/ has a lot of good free internet radio channels.
  13. Thanks. I like some of the hard(er) stuff like Pantera, Drowning Pool, and FFDP, but it sometimes gives me a headache after a while like dubstep does. lol
  14. I tried Comodo's firewall once, but it was WAY too overprotective. Never tried their antivirus. Anybody use Avast Business products? I use Avast Free for all my personal computers.
  15. Daughtry Creed The Fray AudioSlave Incubus Hinder to name a few. Also a fan of classic rock (70's, 80's): Aerosmith AC/DC Guns N' Roses Queen etc. Recently been listening to the soundtracks from the [just ended] Humble Bundle 6: https://www.humblebundle.com/
  16. There is some pretty cool stuff in the Limited Edition, but I don't have that kind of money to blow on a game. I probably won't buy it until the Christmas Steam Sales anyway.
  17. I've heard good things about Forza. I got Dirt 3 for free the other day with a graphics card, and I'm enjoying it. The controls are leaps and bounds better than the NFS racing series (the NFS open worlds are better).
  18. Just bought Torchlight 2 (amazing) and Borderlands 2 (haven't played yet). Also excited about Assassin's Creed III, Dishonored, Far Cry 3, and Dead Island: Riptide. What new games are you guys looking forward to this Fall?
  19. Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu 12.04 (Project Sputnik) for programming and homework on the go. Definitely comes in handy for my Operating Systems and Software Modeling classes. Dell and Canonical did a good job working on custom drivers to make it a smooth experience. Just waiting on the developer profile tool we were promised (it's still being developed, ironically enough).
  20. We do this on our checkout laptops (DeepFreeze is the "lockdown" software), but not on end user systems. The manpower required to keep that sustainable sounds like it would be astronomical. Another knock on Sophos: a definition update from a couple days ago triggered false positives on just about every auto-updating program installed (including Sophos' own auto updater). They rolled out a patch within the day, but we got quite a few phone calls and emails complaining about it.
  21. Yeah, I saw that, too. I wonder what kind of "non-game software" they'll host. For those that haven't seen it: http://store.steampowered.com/news/8584/
  22. Glad you found something that works for you, skimpniff. As for the future of Ubuntu...well, it seems they aren't getting anymore popular: http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=popularity (yes, I know it's not an accurate count of market share) Linux has always been about community-driven development, in my opinion. Providing features the users want, and taking away the garbage they don't want. When a "distro maker" (for lack of a better term) builds more for themselves than their users, I can't see them being successful much longer.
  23. http://www.l4d.com/coldstream/ Check out the zombified Tux 2/3 down the page. :D
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