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  1. I guess the biggest thing to remember when "trying to hide your donation to the red cross" (for you Hamiltonian LaGrange lol) is DON'T make any mistakes. Check, double check and check it again to make sure you don't forget to do something and do it far far away from your home. I just want to thank everyone for the posts, I never thought I would got such a big response for this topic.
  2. Thanks guys you gave me some good ideas. I was thinking about shell acounts but haven't got to that part of my research yet.
  3. My brain is turning to mush reading all this stuff on proxies lol.
  4. Sure was an interresting read Digininja and tks for the info
  5. In your opinion would you be safer to go through proxies in countries like say china or north korea or ones like that?
  6. Tks Digip for responding, I have been reading the forums for the last few hours but not really finding exactly what I am looking for and googling for a couple of hours before that, I got to get a life I guess lol and I am beginning to think I have to rethink my searches. I will admit I did run across alot of good info on other topics that I will use but wasn't looking for which always seems to be the way, alot of very smart people on here and a few very stupid ones for not following advice given to them.
  7. Hello all, I am looking for a way to make it look like I am comming from all over the world and be untraceable. I have been reading that you can do this through multiple proxies but I was unsure of the accurecy of the information. Basically I don't want my "activities" to be able to be traced back to me. If you could point me to a good website with this information or any information here would be good. Tks
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