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  1. I think you may be looking for the bridge adapter in your network settings. As far as I recall it uses internal drivers to bridge real hardware with virtual hardware, It may look different on windoze, you can find the settings definitions starting on page 89 of the virtual box' user manual. Also linked here; http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html
  2. I got a 16gb Cruzer Fit for my pineapple for the low profile and such, the same thing happened. Upon investigation I found that it was programmed to fail in the read-only capacity.... Thanks SanDisk now I have to physically melt down this thumbdrive this to securely delete my files. I never ordered the 4gb one from the hakshop but suspect that SanDisk had the same team of brilliant engineers designing them and always had my eyes set on larger storage for my pineapple. Ever since I have been using Kingston's DataTraveler 109 without flaw or fail.
  3. This was noted by another user above, I get this all the time; KARMA: Probe Request from 74:ea:3a:88:18:91 for SSID '..............................'
  4. Prolly one of the only times I wished I was resided south of the border :( Am open to suggestions, but seems like I'll have to find alternative sources for products featured in the Hakshop. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion murder_face.
  5. Any plans of accepting paypal again in the future?
  6. That worked thank you :) Strange that 2.5 did not work when downloaded thru Pineapple GUI
  7. I am having the same problem after taking a break from the pineapple for a little over a month, I downloaded v2.50 thru the pineapple GUI then entered the MD5 provided on the same page and its been returning "Error, MD5Sum does not match!" My current version is 2.41 Is there another way to get the upgrade.bin or recheck the MD5?
  8. Another user burned his not sure if the same part but he got a handful of replacement chips from the manufacture and is distributing them at cost to other forum users. http://forums.hak5.o...-fp6188x-chips/ Hope this helps, I feel your loss.
  9. That is awesome, I dont need one (yet, knock on wood) but thank you for sharing your experience and the remedy you found at such a reasonable cost with these forums.
  10. Is that because you dont have fstab setup correctly? Is the usb formatted to ext4? Does it have a swap partition?
  11. My pineapple takes 30s to a minute to display a solid, i have a usb with a 2gb swap partition dont know if that matters on boot up.
  12. I had something happen with minitools for windoze, gparted works nicely in BT5 VM when i run the set up script on my VM eth1 is my pineapple and eth0 is my internet being shared (script would like it reverse with default settings)
  13. the renumbering is from unplugging it and plugging it back in while the pineapple is still running, on fresh boot it will start at sda1
  14. Have you checked to see that directory is made and writable? Have you tried formatting thumbdrive to EXT4 with gparted? sandisk 16gb fit has a fatal error sorta similar to that
  15. I also have a hub from the hakshop, I have used it to some degree with previous firmware and no ill effects. Was going to string it together with the AWUS036H, but havent yet because I am still toying with a sandisk fit 16gb and a kingston datatraveler 16gb (both individually and without hub on recent firmwares) Knock on wood, the sandisk has not been bricked as other users have mentioned so far but I am expecting it -hence the kingston. have you any means to test the power output, with and without the hub, while pineapple cycles?
  16. I dont mean to show my noobness but I think the option to format 'on-board' is a stellar idea, even if its just a module which can be removed later. Regarding Ngrep, it was in earlier releases of the firmware ~ just commented out of the php. I have looked at the new page coding and could not find it as it was before but I would think it has to be there for some of the other features to work 'out of the box'. I wish I had more time to spend with my pineapple, but exploration and achievement thru hacking is half the fun :) Syn.
  17. So I have been trying to get my P4 to get along with a new sandisk fit 16gb usb drive. Initially I used Gparted to format the drive to ext4 in BT5, first partitioning and formating a 14gb primary and 2gb primary ~assigning the swap after plugging into the pineapple. That worked well although for some reason I could not reopen with BT after using the swapon command on the drive with the pineapple. Noticing, Gparted had an option for creating swap-lunix I next tried using that to format the 2gb swap patrition & it works well although it sometimes takes a reboot for the pineapple to recognize the remaining usb space and the swap drive. Today I upgraded to 2.10 fw and for some reason upon reconfiguring the pineapple I found although I can see the usb drive listed on the resources tab I cannot properly install any modules to it or even browse it. At first I thought it was a permissions error because when I tried to 'mkdir /usb/modules' it says that it is already there although it does not appear using the 'ls' command When I try to install modules to it, it appears complete but when I click 'launch' from the web ui the browser seems to endlessly reload the redirect.php... So now I am looking into fdisk as provided by the opkg module which seems I can only use from the internal memory I found this and was wondering if the method provided where appropriate for the pineapple; USB stick in OpenWrt The walkthru above describes not only hints at a method for formating directly from the pineapple but also how to move the running firmware off of the pineapple to a usb thumbdrive therefore massively expanding the resources available to the pineapple. My question is this; Can anyone familiar with the pineapples firmware and hardware capabilities give me thumbs up or a thumbs down regarding whether or not this is a wise idea to attempt? And if I may ask another; should the swap come first in the partitions order as indicated in the link above, could this be why the storage is not properly accessible? Thanks in advance to anyone whom responds, Synsafe.
  18. Greetings, Currently I am using MiniTools for Win XP, but it creates strange ghost partitions when viewed from the pineapple so partitions(drives) are not labeled generically when I try to set it up. When splitting a 2gb drive into two partitions it displays sda2 - sda4 although they are inaccessible making sda5 my swap. It also displays size available on those partitions as '16.0E'... perhaps my thumbdrive is corrupt. Can anyone recommend an alternative or is this something the pineapple can do for itself? Thanks in advance, Synsafe.
  19. I was able to fix an issue with the same error using the ultra quick start command; wget wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh; chmod +x wp4.sh; ./wp4.sh; firefox & Related Post, same error; http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=26362
  20. I think the connectivity issue has something to do with the removal of non standard modules. When I flash the pineapple with the ultra quick start command connectivity is regained, the upgrade and module pages display normally. Here is a link to the modules.php as stored on github; https://github.com/sebkinne/wifipineapple/blob/master/pineapple/modules.php
  21. Error re-occured for me after tinkering with the modules again via thumbdrive (formated to ext4 with miniTool Partition for windoze) root@Pineapple:/www/pineapple# route Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface default UG 0 0 0 br-lan * U 0 0 0 br-lan I have not used the commands above provided by WatskeBart, current setup is Pineapple - Backtrack(VBox) - Internet I have an AWUS036H I am dying to tether to it, but want to play with it a bit more before I let it go solo.
  22. I have the same error as the OP after removing Opkg Manager ... hesitant to flash it, any other option besides waiting for 1.1.2? EDIT: fixed the issue rather easily with the ultra quick start command; wget wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh; chmod +x wp4.sh; ./wp4.sh; firefox & BTW, thank you Darren, Snubs, Paul and everyone else from Hak5 your shows bring me much joy! Happy days, happy days :D
  23. Greetings, I found spam in the wiki among missing episode notes (S/E 4x04 -> 8x26). Is there an alternate source? Spam in the Hak5 Wiki Kindest regards.
  24. Greetings, I am Patrick. Favourite game: Goldeneye / Final Fantasy Favourite OS: DOS Favourite console: Anything with Playstation controller layout Nationality: Earthling Accent: Canadian Sex: Male Age: Unknown Race: Human Height: Average Status: Single Build: Stable Favourite band: System of a Down Favourite book: Dictionary Favourite author: Jim Morrison Favourite movie: Brave New World (1980) Favourite director: Stanley Kubrick Favourite TV Show: South Park Favourite actor: Charlton Heston Favourite actress: Jodelle Ferland Favourite Pinup: Betty Page Favourite Comedian: Bill Hicks Other hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Drinking, Smoking, Car: Sunfire GT Occupation: Regional Administrative Officer, will work for food.
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