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  1. I might actually end up going the rooting route I was just hoping that there was an easier way to do it without rooting. Then again its worth it so ill root it anyways.
  2. anyone get the tethering to work on the Samsung galaxy S2 LTE yet? tried to activate usb tethering and the checkbox just remains grey when I try to. Anyone know of a way around this issue? Thanks Just wanted to add my lsusb and dmseg to my post if anyone needs reference: lsusb: dmesg:
  3. I have the same issue after flashing to version 2.3.1, I go to pop in my usb with data partition and swap partition and set all the correct options in usb config page and now the PoE lan port is not working anymore. Wifi works fine but can't access the PoE for tethering with laptop anymore. Checked my windows 7 settings and it is definitely not that since I had it working just a few minutes before adding those options to get the swap working on it. I know this type of issue with PoE lan has been going on for a few firmware releases now I am just wondering if there is a possible fix that anyone could share with us. I checked forums and google but looks like theres nothing to fix it yet.
  4. I had a really good reply but apparently the forum wanted none of it. Well my reply was basically that having the Alfa support would be great but having Bluetooth tethering support would be slightly better in terms of roaming capabilities. Imagine taking the train in to work everyday with a tethered wifi pineapple serving up pay as you go internet to customers on the train. You can not only make a good amount of money that pays for the data you use and then some but you would be also benefiting from a larger audience for when lets say you are in an area where a wifi hotspot is not located or is locked down. In the end I believe both the Alfa and the bluetooth tether support would be a great addition but I think in terms of usability for a person that travels a lot the tethering would be a better addition to the pineapple. What do you think? Sean
  5. Hello Hak5 crew, I just wanted to know if it would be possible to add bluetooth tethering support to the pineapple so like that those who don't have 3g dongles can tether internet to the Mark 4 wirelessly over bluetooth. Something like this: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=21211 . Right now I have read and tried every forum post on the internet that deals with either bluetooth or tethering or even both but have found no solution as of yet.All I would love to do is to get tethering to work between my iphone 3gs and Mark 4. I know there are also many others out there looking to maybe tether their phones with the mark 4 so it would be kool if this useful feature would be added in future releases. Thanks for your time and have a kick ass day Sean
  6. Hows this for a kick ass battery option http://m.cnet.com/news/57428080 this fuel cell pocket charger I am almost certain can run a mark 4 for ~ 5+ days. What do you guys think?
  7. Sebkinne, I was wondering how you got it running on the beta version that you have now? Up until now I have got almost everything working except for iptables complaining "iptables: No chain/target/match by that name." because of the --to-port(s) option. How did you bypass that issue, would you be able to share some of this info so like that we can try it out or is it something that is too risky? I also heard that the only way to get sslstrip working is with a beta kernel that you guys are working with. When will this kernel be available to test on for us beta testers? Thanks Sean
  8. Yup as you mentioned it will take a voltage of anywhere between 5V - 12V just be careful when you get into the 12 volt territory since i hear of some people on the forum that fried their pineapple at around 12.4 volts. For the output current (Amps) using charger its maximum 1 amp at 12 volts, for a battery pack you would probably like to get as high of mAh rating as possible. The reason you want a high mAh rating is because it will allow you to run the Mark 4 on battery for longer. also note that the amperage rating of a wall charger does not equal the output amperage of a battery, ie. wall charger: 12 volt 1A != Battery: 12 volt 1000mAh. Therefore you don't have to worry about how high the mAh rating is for a battery just how high the voltage is. I also want to clarify what the mAh rating is on a battery for you so like that you have a clear view of why the rating is not the same to a wall charger. The mAh rating is basically how much current is in the battery. If you take that rating and divide it by the amperage of whatever device you want to run off of battery you should get an estimate to how long you can run that device on that battery. On the other hand a wall charger outputs a fixed amount of amperage and voltage. I hope I have answered your question and have nice day. Sean
  9. Yup it is considering the pineapple is still running on battery and can last at least another day or so if not longer. Right now its down to about 5.8 volts so the pineapple should die sometime during the night tomorrow.
  10. Well, i kicked my battery pack aside and decided to go pro. The reason why i decided to switch off the usb battery pack i mentioned in my previous post is because, well it didn't last long enough when i had both the mark 4 pineapple , and my iphone running off of it at the same time. I instead decided yesterday to go out and hunt for a solution to my needs; as someone previously mentioned, you can use a small ups battery (AKA general purpose battery). With that fact i went out to my local battery expert and found a really cheap ~20$ US battery. Anyways long story short my battery has been running for 30 hours straight now and is at in my opinion 67% battery life still. Hope this info helps you, and if you have questions regarding the battery i used, take a look at the link i posted below "My battery's life test". If you guys want to find out the full battery life as i test it you can follow My battery's life test Sean
  11. Well some really good news for those people who want a long term solution for running the mark 4 on battery. So far the pineapple has been up without a quirk on battery for the past 30 hours straight and it seems like it could potentially last another 2-3 days. Checked voltage at the beginning which showed 6.38 volts and now after 30 hours of operation it went down to 6.12 volts. With this information i guess its safe to say that anyone looking for a day long or even multi day long solution to running the pineapple in any location would surely benefit with the battery i am running (battery info mentioned in above post). I will keep everyone posted on when the battery dies so like that you guys can have an ideal if this battery's life would suite the needs you may have in any given pentest. Sean
  12. Well, Happy to report that instead of using a laptop battery, Drill battery or even a dual usb battery pack I have now picked myself up a really cheap 6 volt 12 Ah (12000 mAh) (battery number: UB6120p Universal battery) which runs all my power hungry usb devices. It costed only about 20 US to purchase so its really worth it. Some of you may ask yourself why i didn't go with the 12 volt version instead. Well the reason for that is because on the actual battery it states standby use is between 12 volts and 14.3 volts and slightly higher for the cycle use voltage range specifications. Since i heard someone possibly fried their mark 4 using a battery outputting just 12.45 volts i did not want to take that risk so in the end the 6 volt 12 Ah battery should do the trick. I will be posting back to this thread to update anyone interested in knowing the life of the battery as it runs the mark 4 under no load (no load = only running wifi pineapple with karma, wifi, dnspoof with no clients.). I will then post run time specs of the battery under heavy load (heavy load = all services running (including downloadable modules), as many wifi connections as i can, Usb power hungry devices (sadly no 3g/4g dongles since i dont own one). Well, Hope you guys find it useful for if you want to run the mark 4 from battery. Sean
  13. Yeah i figured there was not much tolerance on the device passed 12 volts. Well i guess there is good news for my drill battery, since it is an older battery it only outputs about 8 volts continuous instead of the 12 volts i was looking at on the sticker. I will test with that to see how long it can last hooked up to the mark 4 and ill post back with my results. As for other battery sources, I am currently running a dual usb battery pack with 6000 mAh. Its been running fine so far though its not without drawbacks; for it to work i must connect my phone to it since it seems that the battery pack communicates through usb to see if whatever it is charging is fully charged or not. So i need to find a way to trick battery pack to constantly output voltage. If none of this suites my needs, I might just go down the street and pick up a 9 volt mini UPS to power it, I heard someone on these forums has had good results running the mark4 for about 9 hours continuous. Sean
  14. Ok, well ill test it and see if it works. I found a drill battery that puts out 12 volts at 1.7 Ah, my guess is anything over 1 Ah I shouldn't touch in the 12 volt range right? Sorry for the dumb questions i have fried too many devices in my day even with researching and following information. Sean
  15. Hello once again, I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer the question of whether or not it would be possible to use a 11.1 volt 4300 mAh old laptop battery as a means to power the mark 4 pineapple? I know max specs for mark 4 (as read on the charger that comes with mark 4) is 12 volts 1 amp. I have never really fiddled with laptop batteries before and i really don't want to fry the pineapple so any information on this would be appreciated. Sean
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