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  1. That's exactly what my plan is. thanks for posting that's really a great help
  2. Thank you very very much for your response. I noted of the problems you stated because I would most probably encounter them.
  3. So the company I work for decided to implement a corporate email next week, We will have a seminar about the policies concerning the Do's and Don'ts when using the corporate email I also plan to launch a social engineering exercises to know whether they learned to use our corporate email or not also to know if where are vulnerable to such attacks. I just wanted to know your opinions if I'm on the right track or launching a social engineering attack for these kind of thing are a total waste of time and resources I work for a small to medium size bank and we are currently using our personal mail for transactions.
  4. Can you suggest the best distro to use for learning linux? your opinions and answer will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  5. yeah i already put BT5 on it. but it seems to be slow.. and i don't think it can handle a Virtual OS in there its going to be super slow. can you guys suggest any other lightweight pentest OS. i really want to learn it.
  6. should i install BT5 on it. or make it the victim PC?
  7. I know we already got a pinned thread about Old Computers but I really didn't want any of that. My Old Laptop specs are: 1.50 GHz 512 Ram 40gb HDD 64mb Video Card I'm planning to learn Linux and some penetration testing but I don't think my Old Laptop can handle BT5. my specs seems so low. can you give out suggestions please.. all of your suggestions would be highly appreciated. thanks.
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