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  1. I am currently working/experimenting with these tp link wr703n (soon gonna buy alfa router and flash pineapple, and tp link tl-wr720n pocket router) and I came across this idea, what if you're able to do the internal usb hub mod same as the tp link wr703n. I am sure someone has done this already? If so, I figured it would be a popular mod. https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=34188 I am definitely going to try it when I get mine.
  2. Well, no I was wanting to find a low profile usb rubber duck compatible device Those two will be the ones I am interested in. keyboard emulation attacks a device that brings back autorun style attacks
  3. I know it may seem rude asking this instead of buying one to support hak5, its more of the experience for me really. Anyways can it just be any flash drive? or is it a flash drive that micro sd card like this? http://www.amazon.com/elago-Mobile-microSDHC-Memory-Reader/dp/B002HGFKR8/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1356036221&sr=8-8&keywords=nano+usb+drive Just like more low profile flash drive is what I am looking for.
  4. I like this, I have been wanting to get a rasberry pi. But, never had any ideas what to use it for. How does this differ from pineapple, and by how much?
  5. Ya, I was looking at the r36, and another one there was a reason why I choose the other for the r36 I am just trying to figure out why. Edit; probably just one being black and the other having white case.
  6. Yep, I re wired it (for 3rd time) and made sure it had clean connections, and I was having trouble at first with it but I did quick google search and got it resolved. Works perfect now :D
  7. I am using two nic, and in wireshark 1.8.0 you can capture from two interfaces without bridging or running two instances of wireshark. "Apparently" the lan tap can capture both flows of the traffic. But, it is either my lan tap or my ethernet usb. Since I cannot capture from either interfaces idk it could be my tap.
  8. I actually re wired the lan tap before I made this thread. When I ran wireshark it caught some packets but to be honest it only captured the packets of the ethernet trying to grab a ip address. Edit; that lan tap is made to capture the sending packets and receiving packets so it captures both ends. router---------TAP------desktop .......................| | .......................| | .................Laptop
  9. I made a lan tap from this site here http://www.enigmacurry.com/articles/building-an-ethernet-tap/ Since this article is 6 years old I figured it could be outdated.. Whenever I hook up my lan tap (using ethernet port and ethernet usb on my laptop) Both eth0 and eth1 will try to get a connection, and I think that is interfering with wireshark. I would disconnect both of them so I can try to sniff packets, but I think I am doing something wrong I put both interfaces into promiscuous mode through terminal and still cannot get any packets. Could it be the lan tap? Additional info: Ubuntu 12.04 wireshark 1.8.0 belkin F4U047 ethernet usb If it is I may consider buying the throwing star lan tap.
  10. I bought it for 14.99. Non u3 drive can it still work on windows 7 or no? I thought you needed u3 for windows vista/7? Edit; How would I go about making my own payloads? I mean universal customizer keeps saying it can only modify one u3 at a time and that is the only usb i have installed.
  11. Ok, I came across u3 flash drives (took me a while to find this sandisk titanium u3 drive) and I will be picking up couple more due to how hard they are to find.. Ok, On topic. Since I have u3 flash drive I want to know what would I need to configure on my usb stick so my programs can work silently on "MY" computer? I am planning to do some coding and make my own specific software. U3 technology is new to me (I am glad I found one so I can tinker with this technology) I mean this is mostly likely a worthless thread that I've made. Sorry if it was. :(
  12. Ok I have it set up and seems to be working, I think... Ok, so I am on the jasager UI and under connected clients I assume those are clients connected to me and when I see the different SSID I assume that is the AP jasager is spoofing to that client? Also when I'm scanning for AP (from my cell phone) OPENWRT still shows up (is that suppose to happen or is there a fix?) Is there different port to jasager for more options? How do I access the Karma.log? Through Winscp? Jasager 1.2 La fonera 2100 Windows/Backtrack
  13. Darrien replied to my thread, I feel honored. XD I understand now, I think I have weekend project to work on now, BTW if I wanted to make pineapple 4 is it the Alfa R36 I should buy? then again idk if there is release source codes for the Pineapple 4 Thanks!
  14. I am not bashing on jasager I have fon 2100 I got back in 2005 and it has been collecting dust and when i saw the pineapple I instantly knew it was or can be used with fon, Well my question is can I do same thing on backtrack? Reason why I am asking I have other ideas for the 2100 and if I am not able to then I will use fon for jasager.
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