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  1. That is incorrect. Reaver is a wps brute force tool. WPS is a feature that the wifi alliance brought out to put on almost every router from 2007 to present. Whether the router is WEP encrypted or WPA/WPA2 encrypted the security is crippled by this wps feature. WPS = wifi protected setup.
  2. I found the thread I was looking for here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27837-bad-luck-with-powered-hubs/?p=212363
  3. I have used toolsets in aircrack, just not on the pineapple. and I forgot about aireplay have deauthing option.
  4. I decided to buy the hak5 usb powered hub (alot cheaper than my alternatives and perfect amount of usb ports) anyways, withouth asking before I bought it, will a battery pack with a 5v 2A be sufficient enough to power the usb hub? ALSO I saw it in a thread (forgot to save it) about splicing a certain wire in the hak5 usb hub to prevent powerback? (or power feedback?) does anyone have the picture? I have been searching and it is giving me threads just mentioning usb mass storage.
  5. I will give that a shot, telot. Thanks.
  6. Did anyone get the reaver module to actually work? I have tried with the built in interface, and tried a external wifi card (chipset rtl8187) and still could not get it to work.
  7. Just to be clear, I didn't throw digininjas tarball onto the router, i just did some configuration in openwrt, and I am pretty sure digi ninjas interceptor was build off of openwrt, too. I had same setup, my eth0, eth1, and wlan0 were all bridge (I was able to use tcp dump on both interfaces to listen to the traffic)
  8. Im using a tp link wr703n with a ethernet to usb on openwrt i have the interceptor working, but i am wondering is there a way to make it straight through without giving an ip to the interfacs? Sure i could ask on openwrt forums, but maybe someone here messed with the original interceptor and may know how to do it if possible.
  9. I used the wp4.sh and it worked perfect. If anything I will use my cell phone and just usb tether it.
  10. Sorry I mean my laptop is connected to the target router wirelessly using the internal laptop card, and I use my alfa wifi adapter to connect from the laptop to the pineapple. I hope that helped. :)
  11. ap-------------laptop----pineapple---------clients. Also I think I found the problem.
  12. I flashed my alfa router not long ago with pineapple 2.7.0 and upgraded to 2.8.0, and I wanted to try the deauth feature. I setup my router, and I used one wifi adapter to connect to the router, and the other wifi adapter to the pineapple. Now, this is where I am little bit confused. When I go to deauth from the pineapple my netbook gets disconnected from the pineapple. Is this common? To prevent my netbook from getting dced while its deauthing do I need to add a second wifi adapter and connect to the second adapter? The reason why I have it setup like this so I can them still getting internet through the target ap but there traffic is still coming through my netbook. the reason why I am using deauth (downloaded from the pineapple bar) since I want to see if I can dc myself from it, and see if it connects to my pineapple using karma.' Goal tl;dr: deauth people from target AP and get karma to have them connect to me
  13. I felt like asking this here, and I figured I would ask this. Is there a way to stuff a hidden wifi AP so when phone connects to a usb to ac converter a person can connect to it, and mess with the phone? Possibly do wireless ADB? edit; what if I can make a nano usb receiver into a wifi hotspot?
  14. I have the same problem even when I try different wifi card.
  15. I am wanting just to filter the link of the website they're going with the username and password. When I used it today it would throw all of these codes some of them were the diamond shape with the ? in the middle, and I don't need that. Thanks!
  16. I have my laptop connected to my home network via wifi, and my pineapple connected to my laptop via ethernet. I am using ICS on windows 7 ultimate. Whenever I connect a device to the pineapple the pages load very slowly or not at all. Is there something I need to configure to speed it up? Also, how can I use ICS on netbook OS: Windows 7 starter.
  17. Not to seem rude or thread jack, but I did same thing with tp link wr 703n and usb to ethernet adapter, smaller than the pineapple.
  18. I just flashed pineapple on my alfa ap121u, and I am having some fun with it (especially the wifi jammer) I installed sslstrip, and noticed in the wiki that it needs to be configure the iptables. When I was configuring them I was in ssh at the time. When I ran these two commands (not at the same time of course) I kept getting error "80 bad argument" and "443 bad argument" Do I need to be offline when I run these commands or it doesn't matter? Did the commands change? Questions: When you're at a public wifi spot (starbucks for example) do you connect your pineapple to the hotspot then have the traffic rerouted through your pineapple? If not what setups have you guys used and which ones were you happy with?
  19. Atm the moment the one downside will be that it receives a router ip address so when it gets hooked up it will be listed as "whatever" "192.168.x.x" (for example) I am gonna see if I can have it to where it won't receive a ip address, and try to make the traffice go straight through. ANYWAYS it was rather simple, get a usb to ethernet adapter I have a belkin brand (for testing purposes). You will need to download some packages Make sure you have these packages installed. These are the basic requirements. Now plug in your usb ethernet adapter into the 703n, type ifconfig -a and see if it shows up, if it does awesome (slim chance it will) if not, then type dmesg look for anything saying usb (should also have what chipset the usb ethernet adapter is using) near the bottom of the dmesg, when I did this I found out my usb ethernet adapter had asix chipset (Yours may vary) so I went to download.openwrt.org and looked up packages for my firmware (mine was attitude adjustment yours may also vary) I searched for anything related to asix, and found this package You will most likely have small amount of room left just to install tcpdump to capture packets (chances are you will need to do the internal usb hub mod or just find cheap self powering hub to use a flash drive to save your packet captures.) I pretty much bridged eth0,eth1,wlan0 together, and made the SSID hidden. That was about it. Sorry to thread jack, I will make my own thread if needed.
  20. I did something like this with the tp link 703n + usb ethernet adapter, couple of weeks ago. It is good to see this up and running again.
  21. well i mean i have usb to ac adapter that has a usb port on it.
  22. When I received my alfa router I was so excited to get a dc barrel to usb I spliced the dc barrel off, and made my own usb cable with it. My problem is I did this before flashing pineapple (was waiting on uart at the time) Will it be ok if I used the usb and hooked it into a ac adapter when I go to flash my router?
  23. I ordered a alfa ap121u, and I have seen mostly everyone flashing with serial instead of ethernet? What is the reason? Is it because it causes confusion with two ethernet ports? Also if I have to flash with serial can anyone show me what I will need? I cant seem to find it on ebay, amazon, or buy.
  24. I have a 10000maH with 2 usb ports, makes me wonderig I can just get a small usb hub that can charge with the second usb port.
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