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  1. I go by their rating. A lot of times like I said, the sellers are from japan or asia they may not speak english. gigactiy (your first link) I have bought some stuff from them, and since theyre from asia it usually takes a month to get to my place.
  2. I wouldn't be too worried, 90% of the sellers are from asia/japan. If you want to buy one without worrying too much, buy it from amazon.
  3. Satana can you provide detailed steps that you take? Also you said warnings in a earlier post, what kind of warnings? Could help us narrow this down.
  4. +1 I also use scp surprisingly easy to use.
  5. Yep, I mentioned this on page 5 or 6
  6. I also forgot to ask are you sure you are choosing a router that has the wps feature? Cause I know hackrylix is using airodump-ng to do the access point scan and not using wash to do the scan. and airodump scans for all ap and wash only scans for wps featured ap
  7. Oh my bad I didn't see it. Thanks :D
  8. I ran some test with screen, and it worked out perfectly, I used it in a shell script of mine, and when I start it I dced from the pineapple and couple minutes later I noticed my test router was not getting attacked and I am like why?! I realized I had a saved session and it was waiting for me to hit yes or no. There is two ways to go about this 1. in shell script send a enter command 2. use the --session=apofthemacaddress.wpc to auto load the session.
  9. Make a no-ip host and use reverse ssh.
  10. I would be nice to have an option to set an access point hidden. :)
  11. I guess? I mean I usually did the 2 second refresh rate (maybe somehow overhwlmed it and froze the output.)
  12. I would ssh into the pineapple and type opkg remove sslstrip. Then redownload it and try to install it to usb. You do Have internet connection sharing on the pineapple right?
  13. Im sure I check marked install to usb. I will be home in 2 hours I will confirm when I get home. edit; crazy day, and it is installed to usb, idk what it was that fixed it (I still ssh in and do it that way for my shell script)
  14. Hmm its weird, I reflashed pineapple 2.8.0 and i set the auto refresh to 5 seconds and it was working perfectly.
  15. Mr. Protocol would you like share your setup? do you use openvpn by any chance? Specs and setup would be nice.
  16. I bought the hak5 usb powered hub from the hak shop, and I do not know why but whever I have it connected with my usb flash drive I would go to one of the infusions and the it would load the main page and turn into text format. The black and green scheme would be gone. I have the usb hub powering via ac wall outlet with usb adapter, and I am powering the pineapple from a battery pack (thought maybe it was a battery issue) I also hooked the pineapple and the usb to the wall outlet with same results.
  17. Try --win7 in your reaver command
  18. I don't know how I haven't seen this on your channel before (your videos helped me to how I configured my pineapple today)
  19. I am wondering how would you go about doing a reverse ssh on a pineapple? I tried this tutorial here but I am getting connection refused, and I did port forwards but I am confused with the first command. I don't know to label the pineapple as the destionation or source http://www.howtoforge.com/reverse-ssh-tunneling
  20. actually that sounds good, I can see it being like count how many lines in a log, then take the last line number -100 and filter it that way.
  21. Pretty much, I made a script to start reaver attack via wps button. One (if not only way) to run reaver on it without having to keep a laptop/tablet/phone connected to it.
  22. awesome feature, oh the irony of using the wps button to perform wps attack. :P Quick question, if I want to stop the reaver attack can I use another script to cancel it using the wps button? I mean I use the wps button to start it and I use it again to stop it, is that possible?
  23. Ok, everyone, it works just fine if you ssh into the pineapple and do it that way. There must be some problem with the ui causing it not to run, I mean it may running but its just outputting the -vv (verbose) correctly. Also if you connect to the pineapple via wifi and try this, chances are you may get kicked off from the wifi, I am ssh into via ethernet and its running 4 seconds per key atm. here is the procedure I went through. ssh root@"whatever ip you have without the quotes" ifconfig and see if wlan0 is there (just to make sure) airmon-ng start wlan0 read below if nothing pops up wash -i mon0 (now at this step, I noticed in the ui of the pineapple it did a regular scan not wps only routers, hackrylix if your not using wash to do the ap scan this may help with that.) if you are scanning with the command above and nothing is showing up exit out of the scan (CTRL + C) and type this, it will turn ifconfig wlan0 down (hackrylix this should fix wash scan) now run wash -i mon0, and you should see the wps routers once you find your target you will just ctrl + c and do reaver attack reaver -i mon0 -b "mac address of the router" -c "router channel number" -vv (so you can watch the key cracking procedure) thats about it.
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