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  1. Does that anker battery provide 12v from usb or is it just the standard 5v?
  2. I was also looking at otterbox watertight boxes. I was hoping to find otterbox drybox locally. edit; where did you get the RF connectors?
  3. I usually have 5DBI antenna and 4dbi antenna with me, I have tried attaching yagi antenna but the signal strength did not get any better. I have this 9DBI antenna but it is of course way too long to use.
  4. I am looking at alternative outdoor boxes locally I bought one of the outdoor cases from walmart and spray painted, but I want to see what you guys have used? I am looking for solid black or solid dark color.
  5. Here is enough things to remember, when you use the scan in the GUI it does a regular scan it will scan all access points not just wps only scans. If you're using 2 second refresh rate switch it to 5 seconds, and enable it.
  6. are you doing it through the GUI or CLI
  7. What I may do is just get a external hdd with its own independent power and use a battery pack so I do not drain the battery for the pineapple. set up a ftp server or just do reverse ssh and use scp
  8. hmm I have 50gb dropbox account, is there a way to have it automatically send the tcp files to the cloud?
  9. I had a feeling 4way handshake would be in play.
  10. Lets say I want to sniff packets from remote location, and I want to sniff packets with the pineapple. My pineapple only has 8gb flash drive. How quickly will the 8gb flash drive get filled up if I want to run it 24/3-4 days a week? I was thinking the flash drive will not be enough (unless I remotely ssh in and transfer them to my pc) But I was thinking to attach a 500gb external hdd on the usb hub, or get a 3tb NAS for my home and have it transfer it to that NAS. If I were to have it transfer to my nas would I need a second wifi card to connect to different AP and transfer the files or can I use the same card that is sniffing packets?
  11. What about this? Someone tried to connect we put our own key but can we record the password they will try to send to the router to try for authentication? IDK just throwing that out there.
  12. I mean either the readings could be wrong since I get a bunch of ap but the power level is -80 to -90
  13. I attached a yagi antenna to my pineapple, and I did a scan, and the signal strength was same as if I had a 5dbi antenna attached to it. I did quick search and found this iwconfig (to find out what's what) ifconfig wlanX down iw reg set BO ifconfig wlanX up iwconfig wlanX txpower 27 is txpower 27 actually safe to use on pineapple without causing short circuit? or overheating? Also what is the normal txpower on pineapple anyways?
  14. ln -s should be working did you reboot and try it?
  15. If anything I will just have it hit the start menu again to have it disappear before it starts sending the commands to cmd.
  16. I tried with uac payload on non uac machine and it seems to work but has problem connecting back. Which i figured thats user error.
  17. Ya he has. I run it on cli just fine. Satana provide video of what you do. If you can.
  18. Ok another question, when I put my script in it seems to break when I have to go to a new line because of word wrap. I have tried \ ` and still nothing. Is there a way to fix it?
  19. To be honest I have no idea. Like I said usually wps routers will a while refuse to receive keys.
  20. Is there a glitch in the persistent reverse payload for windows 7 without uac? (option 2 on the windows reverse shell menu) when it opens command prompt start menu does not leave and it starts typing the registry keys into the search field.
  21. To be honest I have couple of things. 1. The ap will refuse to associate with you (uknown reasons this has happened to me before) did you try different wps enabled access point?
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