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  1. Sorry turn battery on green light on wallwar goes out when charged Have a good new year all...
  2. hi really silly question reference the battery. I have an 18000 i just plug in and it works i then plug it in to charge and it charges. the battery that i got with the pineapple needs to be turned on but when i charge the light on the battery goes red and the light on the power pack is red. If i turn the battery to the on mode my power pack shows a green light i dont know if its meant to be green or if im shorting it? if i just plug it in it seems to not charge... is the battery meant to be on while on charge? thanks The Raver
  3. I have a pineapple running latest firmware it works great..... I would like to do a mitm attack using squid this means i need to use port 3128 as my forewarded port My question is how do i foreward all http traffic to squid? from the pineapple... I run bt5r3 I have a mk4 pineapple I am already in the middle as the traffic passes through my bt5 machine to access my internet but i would like to do some playing with traffic.... http://g0tmi1k.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/video-playing-with-traffic-squid.html I can do this running on my network but how can i do this with a pineapple? Thanks The Rave
  4. I use a cisco WAG120N this is vulnerable and you cant turn wps off... There is a BTHub3 If it makes any difference they are shipped with old firmware.... This is vulnerable to wps but after a week normally tuesday/Thurday I think BT updates the firmware and WPS is not attackable. This is my experience anyway... Rave
  5. Thanks both I am using the innoDB as this was the default. I am finding that its taking a week and counting to import a 150gig txt file. I am finding that when i query the database even when its updating it is still very fast database size is around 20Gig Connecting to storage at 'mysql://localhost/mydatabase'... connected. Passwords available: 4475025000 That is approximately a week of importing I have a shed load of these to import. The only thing i am thinking why its slow i gziped the txt files to save space but bough a couple more drives for the data. Must get back too it :) Thanks for your help..... The Raver
  6. Im in the UK i run a 25db directional antenna in my room also take it out if i do a bit of wardriving :) Its an amazing bit of kit use it with my pineapple or with my alfa card..... Its fun to see people looking in the back seat and i have this meter wide antena on the back seat :) if it works just do it :) google gogles thinks its a TP Link TL-AN2424B but its not :) I get about half mile to a mile in built up areas or aprox 14miles line of site although technically could increase that if had another one at the base station too :) Dave
  7. Hi All, I am generating a mysql database this will be an 11TB database(hopefully) Im using pyrit to generate this but because the size of the data I would like to use the archive db engine but i know nothing about this database engine... has anyone one had any interaction using this sort of setup?? I am hoping to generate the big database then only read from it I never want to change records just add new ones and select old ones.... I dont know if this is the best way to do what i want to do but am after any ideas or alternatives Thanks The Rave.. Live long and prosper
  8. I have a template for hotmail works great in ie :) unfortunately i cant upload it :(
  9. Hi leapole, my intention is weavering towards 2-3 AMD 5870s as they seem to get about 32000Psk My ideal setup would be my trusty GTX260 on my server box running 2Gig Ram & a 3Ghz Quad AMD Then my normal BT5 box running AMD 1055 6 cores overclocked 3Ghz per core with 2-3 5870s I can fit upto 4 cards on my board. Thanks again I am constantly reading and learning and am always open to suggestions. If anyone is interested 55 files of 100Gig compressed with bzip2 to 8gig a file. This hasn't really touched much of the create list lalphanumeric. Cheers The Raver
  10. Hi intertan no I havent looked at oclhashcat-plus I've had a read about it but havent had any experience yet. Cheeers The Rave
  11. Hi Infiltrator, no you can pipe data from number crunchers like crunch. which is what i had started to do... But i dont think it was possible to do a cluster without using a dictionary. As a starting point I am creating a 27Pbyte list I am on about 5Tbytes with a week of crunching :) Cheers The Raver
  12. My name is Dave aka The_raver Favourite game: Counterstrike Favourite OS: linux Favourite console: N/A Nationality: British Accent: Herefordian Sex: Male Age: Too old Race: White Height: Not tall enough Status: Changes daily Build: Its all insulation Favourite band: Fatboy Slim Favourite book: Not a Penny more not a penny less Favourite author: there is a few Favourite movie: Avatar Favourite TV Show: Quantum Leap Favourite actress: Natalie Portman Favourite Pinup: Natalie Portman Favourite Comedian: Billy Connerly Other hobbies: Anything to do with computers.... :) Car: vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Occupation: Littlest Hobo :) or website assistant
  13. Not sure why this is happening. I have updated to the latest WiFi Pineapple Mark IV Firmware version: 1.1.1 on the status screen nolonger gives me my external ipaddress. This was working on previous version 1.0.2 is this just me? P.S thanks for the ICS script now i connect my pineapple without issue to the internet without my netgear universal adapter. :) I am connected to the pineapple via eth0 or poe on the pineapple. Everything else seems ok noticed a new modules tab which does update when i click show. Thanks The Raver Live long and prosper
  14. sinareo one - pineapple not connected to internet I connect via BT5 via wifi this will allow me to scan clients with armitage Sinareo two - pineapple has connection via bt5 via ethernet using wp4 script. which works well however when i run armitage i get an error FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "msf3", database "msf3dev" I am using the latest version of BT5 with all updates. This problem only occurs when i am the gateway for the pineapple but assumed that if i am running as the gateway i should be able to scan this traffic?? I have tried adding into the pg_hba.conf file from what i understand this is an authentication file for postgreSQL??? Anyone else had this issue Thanks The Raver Live long and prosper
  15. Thanks for the replys yes I do connect via ethernet to the netgear device this then connects to my network via wireless. It was just puzalling me why the little fruit didnt connect after it was updated....:) I will update the ip tables and try that tomorrow when I get home :) With regards to using BT as the gateway, I could do this but being stealthy and leaving a netbook in plan site wouldnt help my pentest? Were as my netgear is powered via usb from the pinapple which i have powered by a medium size battery pack. Cheers again for the help will try the IPtabes tomorrow... The Raver Live long and prosper
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