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  1. Same here, on my Galaxy Nexus though. (windows & linux chrome browsers work fine for me) Tried in stock browser and chrome. Chrome gets no rainbow chicken because it doesn't support flash, but other "rolls" have images but no sound. EDIT: i get no sound on my phone when I test the module, haven't tried clicking the preview images of the rolls on it.
  2. Yeah, but what's the retractable cable connected to? The ka-jigger with the pineapple sticker.
  3. Seb: Why is this link not working? http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=26601
  4. The hinges, latch, and corners are metal. You couldn't run it over and expect your gear to be safe, but you could probably stand on it (If you aren't an ultra-1337 haxxor, that is.)
  5. I'm going to build something around this. There's enough room for a power supply battery too. I picked it up at Walmart for under $9. Its actually a hypodermic case for people with diabetes.
  6. I'm a little disapointed in the battery offering in the hakshop. I waited and waited for Darren to "tim-the-toolman" the bejesus out of that battery pack. Are you using a single usb or a "Y" cable and both ports to power it up? Does it give enough voltage with a USB mounted? This has more juice per $, I'd spend less if I bought 2 of these Ankers, and have more power. Thank you kindly sir.
  7. Just found this today, thinking of testing it out at defcon. http://www.hypershop.com/HyperJuice-Plug-15600mAh-Stealth-p/p15-black.htm The specs: + 15,600mAh lithium ion battery + 2 high power USB ports capable of charging 2 USB devices (even 2 iPads) at the same time + Built-in retractable wall plug for easy recharging + Extend iPad (1st & 2nd generation) battery life by up to 23 extra hours + Extend new iPad (3rd generation) battery life by up to 13 extra hours + Fully recharge the iPhone up to 11 times + Aluminum battery housing, available in six juice colors of pink, gold, blue, gre
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