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  1. I had previously been following a really old thread about another project of yours. I was going to ask for some hints on how you are scraping the artist/track from Pandora, as I'm working on a Centrafuse Pandora plugin. Would you be willing to share some of your expertise? :) Mark p.s. I'm also all over IRC, and just today realized that you're on coldfront. I connected and can idle if you prefer to reply there :P Thanks
  2. So, is there a .net library or some C# code available to peek at? :) I'm working on a Centrafuse Pandora app, and for the life of me cant figure out how to nab the currently playing track information. I'd be curious as to how you implemented some of this. Any hints? Mark
  3. If anyone is interested, I'm selling a never used Intel Quad Core Xeon E5430 2.66GHz CPU ( specs: http://www.superwarehouse.com/Intel_Quad_C...067N/ps/1548243 ) It's just been sitting here for a couple of months. $200 USD/obo. thanks. marky-b
  4. Thanks so much to dhp1080 for the fix! 1) download: http://chris.pirillo.com/download/VistaFontFix.zip 2) run as administrator 3) reboot marky-b [ mod close thread plz :) ]
  5. So a couple months back i remember sitting down to my computer after work one day, and noticed that my fonts on my computer all seemed to be ... bolded. I didnt really think much of it, but it was quite annoying. Well, i've it the point where it's really irritating me and was hoping you guys could help. Heres an example of my problem on a website i'm working on: http://www.marky-b.me/images/font/ As you can see, in the top image, the menu font is slightly italicized and the 'contact us' menu item breaks into two lines. Thats on my home pc. On my work pc, and from my experience, all the other pc's in the world, see it as the second image on that page (as it should look). I've already checked my font settings in vista, and they're all default. I've also checked my truetype settings, and that too is enabled. Is there anything else you guys can think of (besides a fresh windows install) that could possibly fix it? marky-b
  6. I agree. I taught myself many of the basics of PHP in less than a week. Began a dynamic website project for a business and now i love it. However, whenvever i see people just looking for information on how to break websites/webhosts/clients/etc... all i can think of is how much i want to reach through the internet and poke you in they eye. well said Deveant.
  7. hey guys. i'm looking for a way to make it easier for web users to add our local intranet site to their 'trusted sites' in IE7. My boss keeps telling me there's a way to at least bring up the Internet Options dialog, but i cant seem to find any information on it via google. it can be any type of web based scripting (java/vb/etc) that we would reference on a click of a link, if you have any ideas. Thanks marky-b
  8. for all you WinMo owners out there... *cough* ppcwarez *cough* be sure to read the disclaimer. :D enojoy -Mark [edit] i spel gud. [/edit]
  9. I just completed the challenge, but i use vbscript :( *sigh* edit: Just changed out my sorting function to embedded jscript, and i knocked a ton of chars/lines off my code (even though its still not a variation of C) edit edit: I guess i can still post it. i re-re-wrote it back into vb, modified it and cut out a ton of code. Module Module1 ' Mark's number sortabobber ' Language: VB ' Status: Single for the moment ' Orientation: Straight ' Sign: Leo Sub Main() ' Declare "the goods" Dim arrSort() As Integer = {12, 55, 74, 3, 65, 9, 12, 45, 6, 13} ' Declare random letters to do my dirty work Dim a As Integer Dim b As Integer Dim temp As Integer ' Nested loops, inner compairs current index to all other numbers and makes a decision For a = UBound(arrSort) - 1 To 0 Step -1 For b = 0 To a If arrSort(b) < arrSort(b + 1) Then temp = arrSort(b + 1) arrSort(b + 1) = arrSort(b) arrSort(b) = temp End If Next Next ' This cat keeps track of my index for writing Dim i As Integer = 0 ' Writing Do Until i = 0 Console.Write(arrSort(i) & " ") i += 1 Loop End Sub End Module
  10. hey everyone. post pics of your xmas trees here! you know you want to.. here's a low res one from my phone, i'll post a higher res one when i find my damn camera usb cable. stupid proprietary olympus. http://www.djmarky-b.com/images/tree_low.jpg[/img]
  11. no one wants one? off to ebay then.
  12. I'm glad you said something, because I was pondering.. if he types like that, I wouldn't want him as my network admin. Anyways, glad to see that there are a couple people around here that have had experience with this. I have a similar issue (not the email thing, but the printer install for multiple machines), but I'm going to read up a bit online before I do anything rediculous.
  13. they havnt even been extended to their 'switchblade' position. ive actally had a bunch of these for a long time, but i just found four more in my drawer. merry christmas, i spose. anyways. i dont even know how to do that crap. i've always been more interested in hardware modding and some neat (useful) stuff you can do, such as Synergy and that junk. and to answer your question, robotchild. no. it was actually a shipping error at my work and originally, and i got a VERY good price on them. i had around 30 or so, and there was no way i was going to lug 30 full packages for the drives. my ebay userid is markybunkface , if you want to check out some of my sales and such. not sure if they'll be active any more though. that was a while ago.
  14. yep. i have 4 1gig sandisk cruzer micro things for sale $20/ea they are out of thier original packaging for 'transportation' reasons. dont worry, none of them has even been plugged into a pc (therefore nullifying any reasonable suspect that they have been preloaded to become a switchblade/haksaw). and if you're still paranoid, just unplug your eth when you plug the drive in. first four to pm me with their paypal addy's for invoices, win. once all have been paid for, i'll post an update here. sorry, paypal only, and $20 (includes shipping) must be sent within 2 days of invoice, so if you're not going to be around a pc two days from when you pm me your paypal addy, dont bother, it will go to the next in line. thanks. any questions, pm me also -marky edit: i should probably add that i only ship to north america (us/canada).
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