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  1. I failed - opkg update opkg install luci
  2. This looks like somthing I will will try to install on the Nano. https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/luci.essentials I have no idea right now if it will cause probelms or not but I have a need to experiment :-)
  3. https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uciIs the best document that has helped me understand the interfaces so far. I thought that I would share my mini journey.
  4. If this a large test then Security Centre (tennable Nessus big brother) has around 400 templates that are adequate for any company. Otherwise, if this is a smaller test then document using word and mdhash evidence. I hope this helps. If it forensic then encase a tad over kill for audit.
  5. I have but I will do it again just in case. I think that I may have found the problem. There is a command in the uci interface that I can set as the default internet gateway. Thank you the heads up shadowmmm.
  6. What does br-lan stand for? Does anyone have a good guide to routing. I have some routing issues but I want to learn. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Zen
  7. Can someone please tell me what the interfaces should be on the Nano please. My internet is on Network. I found a Mark 5 example here: Pineapple Netmask []: Pineapple Network []: Interface between PC and Pineapple [eth0]: Interface between PC and Internet [wlan0]: Internet Gateway []: IP Address of Host PC []: or should be IP Address of Pineapple []: _ . ___ \||/ Internet: wlan0 ( _ )_ <--> [___] <--> ,<><>, Computer: (_ _(_ ,) \___\ '<><>' Pineapple: - eth0 What should it be on the Nano. What interfaces are where? But I not clear the different interfaces do. What is lan-br? and how does this route to Wlan eth0
  8. Cheeto - You are a genius along with the hak5 crew. It worked perfectly. Thank you so much. I was convinced that I had to change the onboard gigabyte adaptor. I am one happy chap right now and it is down to you and the hak5 crew. All the best to you and yours, Zen
  9. Oh Yes, I went the whole hog. I rebuilt windows because there was an issue with the driver. Found a router ( just in case), pluged it in, configured windows for static IP All OK. Unpluged Nano held down the switch plugged in and solid blue light. The device was recognised by win. Then Nothing, I even went as far as plugging in a second ethernet to usb and pluged that into the router and the nano. I was on a last hope at that point. Spent around 2 hours with every combination both on Windows and Nano and Linux. I have another Nano and that works fine. So, so frustrating but I live in hope to see your video.
  10. cheeto - I would love to see your video because my ano is suffering from blinking blue. It will go solid blue but I can't connect to it on or or Cheers, Zen :-(
  11. I have the dreaded blinking blue light of death. It Worked for days. Now, all it does is blink, 10 to 15 times. The final slow blink the blue solid then resets to the endless blinking cycle. Press the reset button and plug in - solid blue but it will not connect on even with my system on I have read the posts so I a bit stuck with what to do next. The firmware was at 1.05. The odd thing to proceed this was that the PCI powered off. Help me guys please - this is for the nano I have spare but I want them both working.
  12. Pi3 is out now. bigger, getter and with built in wireless
  13. Thank you very much. Sebkinne
  14. I had to manully edit variable reporting.ssmtp.server issue command: uci set reporting.ssmtp.server=smtp.someserver.com issue command to show variable reporting.ssmtp.server uci show reporting.ssmtp.server
  15. uci show $getEmailConfiguration gave me what I needed. I thought I would share :-) Cheers, Zen
  16. Oh, It would be really nice to have send test e-mail. Or how to and I will be more than happy to send it from the command line. Lastly, loving the teams work. Cheers, Zen
  17. Hi, On Reporting - Two of the sections do not appear to work. SMTP Server - Will not save the full address entered., e.g. smtp.someplace.com will revert to someplace.com after save and refresh. I have tried to locate the smtp mail settings uci but failed. How can I set the manually please? Is this a bug that you are aware of or perish the thought it is my error. Anything is possible. I need your help please. Many Thanks, Zen
  18. All working. 7920 in Opkg - yeah
  19. Hi, I ran in ssh opkg update and got the following error of the last two days. wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found Collected errors: * opkg_download: Failed to download http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/packages/Packages.gz, wget returned 1 Is there an alliterative site to put in opkg.conf . Thanks, Z
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