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  1. Thanks for the reply. I believe I need to be authenticated so the aireplay-ng ARP replay attack will work. aireplay-ng -1 0 -a [bssid] -h [MAC ] -e [essid] mon0 The moment it bumps me off the aireplay attack stops working so I get about 200. aireplay-ng -3 -b [bssid] -h [MAC] mon0 I just tried it on a different older AP I had in my loft and didnt have the de-auth problem. Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on it?
  2. Hi Guys, Olddddd, ancient question ;) A couple of days ago a less techy friend asked if I would show him how to hack WEP. Obviously I obliged. Interestingly though I found something I have never found before... When I fired up aireplay-ng, after about 200 data packets were generated I was de-authed. If I immediately try to re-auth, I am denied. If I leave it a short while I am allowed to re-auth but once I fire up aireplay-ng again I am de-authed. Any ideas? Is the AP defending itself you think?
  3. http://forums.hak5.o...le-please-help/ Thanks guys, your info plus the above thread have answered all my questions ;) Basically newer OS's (mobile and traditional) are more difficult to attack. So new tactics or updated software is required.
  4. Thanks Peter, I read in a couple of past posts that Windows 7 would not autoconnect to the Pineapple. Even if the option is selected. I found this myself. I added an OPEN network to my PC. I then restarted the PC and waited for it to connect to the Pineapple, but to no avail. So I assumed the post about Windows 7 no autoconnect was the reason. If this is a wrong assumption I dont suppose you have any ideas as to what is going wrong? As it would be great to get this to work. The phone will only seem to connect to OPEN networks I create manually on my phone. I have starbucks, mcdonalds, airport etc all as OPEN stored network in my phone but it just ignores them. (Maybe the phone only looks for the last 3 or something?)
  5. So got my Pineapple today and after a bit of research I just wanted to clarify a couple of points to make sure I understand how it works. As I understand it the Wifi Pineapple can not spoof a WEP or WPA/WPA2 AP. Also Windows 7 no longer auto connects (The user has to manually connect to the network) Did Windows 7 used to? Or was it Windows XP? Regarding mobile devices I have had an interesting experience with my Andoid (ICS) Samsung S2. If I create a OPEN wifi hotspot manually in settings it will connect to the Pineapple under that name. But, any of the old OPEN hotpots in my phone such as Starbucks or McDonalds do not connect. Any insight onto why this happens? I also have noticed an interesting qwerk On my laptop I have 3 networks saved (in the following order) 1 - Home (WPA2) 2 - Work (WPA2-Enterprise) 3 - Starbucks(Open) When I am not in range of any of these networks but in range of the Wifi pineapple, my laptop can see the Work AP (as an open access point) but none of the other two. Any ideas why? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. 1. I dont know what you mean by AP isolation, could you expand please? 2. Thats what I thought, but I then decided it was probably due to Monitor mode not working correctly. As I understand it you cant just join a network and fireup wireshark, the interface will ignore all traffic apart from broadcast and unicast for its IP. (correct me if I am wrong) I will try and specify the channel its on. 3. Its on my desktop, yup I was just running the one network card and was ensuring that was the one I was using in wireshark, it was in my list as mon0. Cheers
  7. Hi all, Hope someone can help plz. Ive recently been playing around with WiFi, recently cracking WEP and WPA1/2. So what I wanted to do next was start to sniff the wireless networks I was on, other devices traffic (doing this on my own network so dont worry ;) ) So I booted up BT Put my ALFA awus036h card into monitor mode using airmon-ng Authenticated onto my WPA2 network Obtained an ip address Fired up Wireshark and Tshark but all I could view was my own traffic (On BT) and the traffic my target (other laptop) was sending out on broadcast. Ive looked at the Wireshark settings but cant for the life of me work out what I am missing Any help? ----------------------------- Commands I used - ifconfig wlan0 down airmon-ng start wlan0 wpa_supplicant -Dwest -imon0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf (to connect to my AP, using mon0 not wlan0) dhclient fired up wireshark and listened on mon0.... but nothing ------------------------------ Also I tried using both RTL8187 driver and R8187 RTL8187 authenticated but couldnt see anything R8187 would not authenticate
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