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  1. Hopefully the new firmware version will remove the need for this, but I am curious to see how the Micro Python board evolves. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/214379695/micro-python-python-for-microcontrollers I have done some reading on this, and also on the Adafruit CC3000 wifi board. My main question is "Will it run SCAPY?" Passing the recon task to a processor "shield" could add a new dimention to the pineapple. The Python board can be used with the CC3000, but no definite answer on monitor mode capabilities. I only see hints that the configuration program may be using monitor mode
  2. Reconnaissance is a very powerful tool, especially with mac addresses from cell phones. It could be used to augment video surveilance when the pictures captured are less than perfect (at night). Matching time stamps of mac addresses with video could conceivably help identify who broke into your car at 3am. It is also conveivable that if you monitored mac addresses over a couple of weeks it would be possible to dissern between local residents, and "visitors" of your area, and even create alerts for specific scenarios. Having an OUI identification feature would help a great deal in filtering o
  3. Are there any plans for an autostart.sh for Random rolls? I must have this as one of the boot switches. :)
  4. The AP's are immediately removed using the _nomap option when a devices discovers it. Is this a permanent change, or do they immediately re-add the AP once it is discovered again without the _nomap extension? I believe the latter is most likely the case because they need the integrity. I think companies that make routers should have an option that defaults "on" which adds the _nomap extension to whatever you enter as the SSID, leaving a check box for you to turn the option off if you so desire. How do they handle people who have moved their residence? They take the AP with them and the chang
  5. The cicadas are coming this spring to the east coast. Billions of them. There is a lot of documented information on their mating call frequencies. I can not help but wonder if anyone is working on a video, or app with these tones playing in the background to prank people.
  6. This turned out to be a GPS accuracy issue. The water tower may still have been the cause.
  7. This is a great module! I love it....but it leaves a fingerprint if you use the pineapple by itself. I have noticed that even if you do not refresh the ap list, the jamming process sends a Probe Request every time. An access point sending a probe request is obvious enough to get the "finger of yagi" pointed at you. If you are using the pineapple in AP mode, shut down the AP and change the mac first! Your best bet is to piggy back the AWUS036NHA.
  8. Was not using a traditional wifi scanner, this one listens but does not transmit. I noticed it only because the Mac address matched my router. Will try to connect from those locations when I get a chance to see whats going on.
  9. While working on another project, a database I was developing, essentially mapped out my home routers transmission footprint. What was odd was that there were two specific points, both about a mile away from my home where I received a signal from my router. There is no line of sight from either location, but a large water tower is visible from all three locations. I think it is simply reflecting the signal. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know a coffee shop in L.O.S. of a water tower? ;)
  10. You are absolutely correct, when he posted the code the indents were stripped. It will have to be re-indented before it will run. The purpose of the code is to search for a particular device, or type of device. The problem was that the python program continually allocated memory until the pineapple shut down. only exiting the program and restarting it freed the memory. The purpose of the post was to find a way to manage the memory more effectively. Sounds like you could write something much more efficient. -Prox ----------------------------------- My definition of "Ghost Tweet" - Posting a
  11. Can't wait to try that out! Currently I have mine update on boot with: wget -qO- $(echo -e "username:password@dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update?hostname=$host") > /usb/dynresponse Crontabs runs the following "Notify" code every few minutes to send a text message with the IP address if an update has occured. #!/bin/bash if [ -f /usb/online ] then if [ -f /usb/dynresponse ] then tweetline="DYNresponse - "$(cat /usb/dynresponse) /usb/usr/bin/python /usb/tweet.py "$tweetline" rm /usb/dynresponse sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/
  12. If you set up tweepy in python you will get a "Timestamp out of bounds" error when your pineapple attempts to post. The following fixed this issue on my MKIV. in /etc/config/system add the lines: config 'timeserver' list 'server' '0.openwrt.pool.ntp.org' list 'server' '1.openwrt.pool.ntp.org' list 'server' '2.openwrt.pool.ntp.org' list 'server' '3.openwrt.pool.ntp.org' You may also need/want to change line 2 to your local timezone. option 'timezone' 'UTC' Add the command 'date -k' to /etc/rc.local Simple python tweet test: -----------
  13. I have a usb drive on my MKIV that has a directory containing all the original files such as spoofhost, wpsscript crontabs/root, rc.local etc. along with a bash script that will copy them to their proper location. This is an easy reset for any mods. I also have other directories with the individual mods like random rick roll, chat roll, and so on, along with the respective bash script to copy the modded files into place, then reboot. It would not be difficult to add a script in crontabs that would check the contents of a specific file periodically, or even check websites for specific informa
  14. I am wondering if it would be possible to use an sl-1501n with RT8188CUS chipset connected to the USB port of the MKIV to provide internet? It would be a great way to eliminate the need for ICS, and mitigate the cost of 3G.
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