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  1. Im having the same exact issue as Isolot. Did anyone have a fix for this? Ive literally re-flashed like 3 times and finally narrowed it down to SSL strip not allowing me to access the web gui. Its literally as soon as I install logs to usb it goes all haywire. Manually upgraded firmware. installed to usb via ssh'ing into the pineapple. then that does not show it is installed in the pineapple bar section so I complete the installation by installing the module to usb. Even tried uninstalling sslstrip but that doesn't fix the problem. It seems that what ever the installation of SSLSTRIP do
  2. Hey guys I've been reading the comments with all the happiness and success stories but I seem to be having issues with my modules after the upgrade. Am i the only one? Im throughly confused! Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /www/pineapple/modules.php on line 92 Warning: file_get_contents(http://wifipineapple.com/downloads.php?moduleList) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Address family not supported by protocol in /www/pineapple/modules.php on line 92 Module Version Au
  3. Is your new site survey version the one we currently have installed view modules? I can see its different anyway.. Awesome job dude!
  4. I think what I gather from what he said is a SINGLE script which is able to pull off logins and passwords of sites what ever they may be. From what I know thats not possible since each site looks different and as a result has different code. Could you clarify? I too am looking into starting to create my own phishing files... Hoping to get quite proficient to the point it wont take me a matter of minutes to make one from what ever site I pick. =)
  5. Lol ive heard malaysian kids running sweat shops but making antenna's and cables is something new to me especially being from that country. Think I need to grab a flight home and have a word with these guys... hahaha Just bought a yogi antenna and been having the same kind of issue. To be fair havent played around with that much yet. But first plug in a picked up an extra 10 or so networks pointing it at a building and then actually less then what the stock mark IV antenna gives. Should be fun and many hours spent in the sun directing it.. =D
  6. Sounds sick! Checking this first thing when I wake up! ;D
  7. Great setup man! Whats with the index file in the /www part of the pineapple. All 3 of the webfun files have their own index.html so I can only copy over 1 to the /www without having to overwrite it. Could you clarify in more detail? Or does your random.sh script basically delete it and swaps it over automatically after adding sym links? Thanks man. P.S It is possible to make sum links from 1 file to 3 other files right? I think I got an error saying file exists or something?
  8. Thank you so much guys! I flashed it and it was surprisingly easy. Had a few minor issues but it went through after I chose to run it as administrator and also fiddling around with how quickyl I plugged it into the machine after clicking go. Now on to my next and hopefully final questions before this thread is over! Im hoping its the first thread of its kind so others can use it when they come to a similar situation. ;p So basically got now a mark III 2.1.2 and mark IV 1.02. I plugged them in together and found from seb's github the wanport section. So I forwarded the iptables (see below) thi
  9. Hey guys! Been doing some trolling on the internet and im a little bit confused as to how to go about things. I have my new mark IV and went a bit crazy and bought a alfa AP 51 thinking that I could piggy back it and it could act as my second router to inject packets, airdrop-ng etc... Now I cant seem to get it placed into monitor mode in backtrack because it doesn't recognise it as its not a usb. So got a couple of questions before making future mods. 1) Do I flash my AP51 with the mark 3 - 2.1.2 firmware making it "better". 2) What are the benefits of piggy backing it to a mark IV? 3) I
  10. Check on YouTube guys. There's loads of videos out there on how to create a phishing page and also there's great tuts on a guys page on YouTube called security4plus. He started me off as I was completely lost. Slowly things start to make sense and you can soon realise you can use your imagination to modding the pineapple to how you like. Hope it helps! And make sure u like that guys videos. He's been knocking new ones out constantly! :)
  11. Why can't it be uploaded? I replaced mine but made a back up and now I have the mark III interace with all the amazing goodness of urlsnarf, ngrep on the status page ui. I just edited the file where it said mark3 to Mark IV for a little personal touch ;D glad to know ur on/off button isn't working either. However when I connect to my pineapple wifi and log into a site it does show a java box but need to look into it more. I'm thinking it's running but theres an issue with the switch showing "on"? Question I have though for the guys at hak5 is why was the mark 3 interface replaced with the curr
  12. Sorry for stealing your thunder... ;p Dont worry ill be asking you questions soon enough! lol
  13. Awesome addition Whistlemaster! Its great to have people like you contributing to the development! I added your mod to my mark IV and thought id contribute something I found myself. Bearing in mind I know this may come trivia to most but theres noobs on the forum who are close to clueless such as myself. So basically what ive done is ive added your mod to the navigation bar for easier access. Worked it out with a little common sense. But to be honest I was blown away at learning just how limitless this whole thing is and the ability to really configure your pineapple to how YOU want it. So guy
  14. Thanks for the reply man! I confirm it's all fine on windows with the same setup. Definitely a mac issue!
  15. Yup all updated! Mine came in 1.01 and I upgrade it to 1.0.2. It's funny because my mac crashed and restarted it. Clicked on the available wireless icon and for literally a split second I could see my old access points show and then gone. After the restart it seems I can't login into the control centre from my mac. Only way I can connect is changing the network to pineapple rather then my home network. Going to try to sort out airdrop and see if I can get the pass through working right. Here's my specs Osx lion 10.7.3 Wifi sharing on from wifi to Ethernet Wifi settings using dhcp Ethern
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