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  1. That's strange. I was testing it this morning and it worked fine when all traffic was on port 80 when I redirected traffic to get stripssl working driftnet quit working. I assumed it ran on port 80. Any idea what else would cause it to stop working?
  2. I've been messing around with different MITM attacks and I've recently found driftnet. It's a very interesting tool but seems to only listen on port 80. On my network I'm passing all http traffic through port 10000. anyone know how to change the port that driftnet listens to to another port?
  3. I have the MKII running MKIII firmware. so its the one that came with the MKII
  4. Im at starbuckĀ“s right now rickrolling people. Glad i wasnt the only one with the idea to be mischievous! :P
  5. to be honest I'm not sure. I recently got this and havent had much time to learn what is what. I know its the standard MkII interface. not MKIII Does that tell you anything?
  6. I just have a couple questions. I made my MkII into a auto rickroll device. It was great fun but I'd like to revert it but I failed to backup the /www directory before I did it. I dont know if there was another index file in there or not. Does anyone know how to get it back without reflashing or resetting it? Can I just copy the files from another MkII?
  7. iamk3 and Sebkinne, Thanks for the reply. I think it was a battery issue. I replaced the batteries and it started working again. Hey Sebkinne I couldn't find the guide for flashing the Mk3 on my Mk2. Could you point me in the right direction? Is it possible to flash back to the MK2 after that if needed?
  8. I just got a pineapple 2nd hand from a co-worker. I was trying to telnet into it to set the openwrt password but couldnt so I reset it. now its not giving an SSID and i cant connect via ethernet to it. Is there anything i can do to fix it? how long should the reset button be pressed? could low batteries cause these issues?
  9. I figured that would be able to be done but wasnt sure if I could do away with the laptop all together. :)
  10. Hey everyone, I just got a Mk2 second hand from a co-worker and havent even got it home yet. I have a question: I can do wifi teather with my phone. Will this thing let me use that as the internet source for the connected "users" or must the internet connection come from the ethernet port?
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