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  1. Gonna see what I can break with the mark iv YEA! :)

  2. Nice! Definitely gonna give this a look at right now.
  3. So even tho you haven't giving the command poweroff, you can pull the cord? And all is good!?
  4. Following Darens post. I was having issues after changing the fstab configuration, I would ssh into pineapple issue command mkswap /dev/sda2 No such file found. blah blah. I did what perterfm posted above and used the original power supply, all is well now. I was using the usb power cable by the way. Thanks peterfm!
  5. Yep you did a great job. The only thing I seen that was weird was when trying to use winscp, there would be a couple of retrys while coping the files over but that was it.
  6. Nice work! Definitely will be checking this out.
  7. @Mr-Protocol thanks for that video as soon as my usb to serial cable came in this morning it was a snap. Good luck to anyone else flashing.
  8. I wouldn't mind checking out that video Nice I'm gonna get into it just found the video, I'm gonna go search for that USB TTL/UART cable right now, I like the USB part about it. Curious I seen a link to this one on these forums I believe Developer Kit for Hornet-UB: Console cable & console board If this one will work can a cable like this one help me usb to serial. Any kind of links to some reads on tftp servers would be cool I started yesterday to look into it.
  9. The first day I got my pineapple iv I went here pineapple wiki but looks like the wps button guide changed. Made for more functionality. Forum Link
  10. I've started to notice this also, thought I'd look into it to. I might have just been to excited at first but it did seem to boot up a lot faster before. Quick question is there a proper way of shutting down the mk4?

    20 GOTO 10


  12. For now if you need a persistent ssid you can find it under /etc/config/wireless near the bottom option ssid pineapple
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