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  1. Hello would anyone tell me if I would by able to shut down a frequency with the yard stick. I want to be able to deauth a specific frequency but not sure how to do so.
  2. I forgot to mention I am talking about the jammer that jams the wireless key lock.
  3. Hi, today I was reading an article about car thief's and how they use car jammers. One of the jammers looked just like a pineapple a little box with an antenna. I was wondering could the pineapple do something similar because the jar jammer what it does is jams traffic on a different frequency I think. I thought that would be really cool for a pineapple. :DDD
  4. thanks for the reply's, I got a file sent from someone I don't really trust so I scanned it on virus total and the result was something like 38/43 saying mostly that it is a key logger. I thought maybe if hes stupid enough he might send all the logs directly to his computer so if I get his IP address I might be able to hack in with metasploit or what ever and have some revenge :D.
  5. Hi, Could any one suggest a traffic log program or what ever to find out were the logs are going from a key logger that was installed into my computer. I think there would be an email server or what ever but I am not sure how to find it.
  6. Unfortunately I cant find any leds-gpio anywhere in /sys/devices/ on the mark 3 but still thanks for the help. Anyone else?
  7. Hello just a quick question what command do I issue on my shell to make the wlan led go on, its a mk3 pineapple.
  8. that would be great :) if you could just post the link or send me an email with an attachement.
  9. Could someone make an ipk package for the mk3. And I cant seem to find reaver package in backfire rc6.
  10. Is this module available for mk3? or maybe it can be easily ported.
  11. Shalkit, You can use the internet connection from your phone by connecting it to a laptop and enabaling internet connection sharing. Regards Unitex.
  12. I have tried the 1.4 version on my mk3 get the same trouble as others it doesnt associate to any access point. :(
  13. Russeld SCP the .ipk file to your router then ssh to it and issue "opkg install package name.ipk". Some why when I try to use reaver on my mk3 it never associates to the client havint got that to work yet. Maybe Sebkine has some ideas. Regards Unitex.
  14. That would be great I wanted to play a bit with reaver on my mk3 before 8 get my mk4 I was thinking of trying to make some sort of GUI for it in PHP. :D
  15. Hi I was wondering is it possible to get reaver on the mk3 maybe someone could compile a package or direct me how to compile it.
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